Taiwan Shoufu University

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Taiwan Shoufu Univwersity
Established 2000
Chairman Chin Yuan Tsai
President Shang Liang Chen
Students 6000
Location Tainan, Taiwan
Campus Madou Campus (main campus)
Website http://www.tsu.edu.tw

Taiwan Shoufu University (TSU; Chinese: 台灣首府大學), formerly known as Diwan College of Management (Chinese: 致遠管理學院) was founded in 2000, is the second college of Madou District in Tainan City, Taiwan. It was founded by Mr. Wang Hung-Tien (Chinese: 王宮田) and his wife, Ms. Huang Hsin-Mong(Chinese: 黃秀孟). Mr. Wang was an educator, and his wife was a legislator. With a devotion to education, they decided to set up a college at their hometown Madou. There are eighteen departments categorized as three academics, Education, Leisure Industry, and Design. Taiwan Shoufu University own and run two 5-star hotels for students practical training and open to public. Both of the hotels are in Kaohsiung city. There are approximate 6000 students now. Its current president is Shang-Liang Chen (Chinese: 陳響亮). The Chairman of university board is Chin-Yuan Tsai (Chinese: 蔡清淵).

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