Type 096 submarine

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Tang type-96.jpg
Type-96 Tang-class
Class overview
Name: Type 096 (Tang class)
Operators:  People's Liberation Army Navy
Preceded by: Type 094 (Jin class)
Succeeded by: Type 098 submarine[1]
General characteristics
Type: SSBN
Propulsion: Nuclear reactor
Armament: Unknown number and type torpedo tubes (bow); missiles – 24 × JL-3(?) SLBMs.

The Type 096 (Tang class, Chinese designation: 09-VI) submarine is a SSBN being developed for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy Submarine Force. Official specifications are unknown. The Type 096 may carry 24 SLBMs, double the number carried by its predecessor, the Type 094.[2] According to analysts, it could also feature a hull similar to Western SSBNs.[3] As of January 2017, the Type 096 has yet to enter service.

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