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Developer(s) Peter Hedlund
Stable release
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-Platform
License GNU GPL 2

KWordQuiz - a computer program, with purpose to learn new vocabulary, which is integrally part of KDE Education Project, which is part of KDE. This program is available under GNU GPL licence. KWordQuiz use kvtml format[1]. It is possible to use it to learn new words of all the languages beacause this program fully support Unicode[2]. It is possible to use KWordQuiz to learn not only vocabulary[3], for example to learn capitals of countries.


This program have a few modes. In one mode we have two columns, in which we are able to write words and its translations. The second mode is a typical flashcard. In third one words is displayed and three possible translations to choose the correct one. In the last mode word is displayed and we have to manually write a translation. In all modes we are able to choose, from which columns we have to translate or choose words.[4][5]

Similar programs[edit]

In KDE 4 KWordQuiz is replacement for KVocTrain from KDE 3. It exists also version for Windows, Mac OS X and iPad which is named WordQuiz[2], in KDE we are able to find program with similar purposes which is named Parley[6].


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