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Some of my favorites:

Essays, etc.
Mailing list posts
  • "Open editing may be a good way to start an encyclopedia, but I am starting to think that it is not a good way to finish one." --Kelly Martin
  • "Everyone is aware that there are two kinds of thing being done here. There's a second-rate Britannica being written (sadly the dream of an all-inclusive Borgesian Tower of Knowledge has been throttled by people who want to "own" a small part of an outdated modernist enterprise, and we're much the worse for it) and a roleplaying game." --Grace Note
  • "Jimmy wails for the BLP victims and yet still does nothing." --RMHED
  • "AN/I is like a huge orgy. It's fun to watch, and sometimes it's fun to join in, but like any orgy, the larger it gets, the greater the chances are that someone will eventually try to stick a dick in your ass." --slakr
  • "Who wants to bet that if Ted Kennedy gets the Flu, this encyclopoedia will disappear up its own asshole." --MickMacNee
  • "[...] without content, Wikipedia is just Facebook for ugly people [...]" --iridescent
  • "I found the most important part of growing up was controlling my urge to be a smug git." --Wikipedia Review's Jim
  • "Also, keep on [Jane Doe]: WP:WOULDHITIT" --Anonymous
  • CharlotteWebb
  • Great edit summary
  • A Horse With No Name
  • "We can be pretty sure that victory for the hyphens wouldn't end the warring; the en dash empire would strike back. Maybe it's just as well that en dash wars continue; otherwise, the same people might war over something that matters." --Art LaPella
  • "Even after all this time the Sun never says to the Earth, 'You owe me.'" --Hāfez
  • "Furthermore, I don't need some self-important script-kiddie like you with no experience of the world impugning my common sense. [...] Turning to ad hominem as a defence is the surest sign of having already conceded the issue." --RexxS
  • "I exchanged a walk on part in the war for a lead role in the cage." --Denny Vrandečić