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Location: San Jose, CA, United States of America
Email: petercorless(a-t)mac(d-o-t)com
Disclsosures: In 2014-2015 I worked for Aerospike, Inc., and in 2015 founded In the past I used to work for Cisco Systems, and founded Green Knight Publishing and Celebrate History (both presently defunct). I've done work for West End Games and Chaosium game products. I've worked at Apple (albeit for a contractor) and the old Macintosh dealer ComputerWare. I've also worked at Chase Manhattan Bank.

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Wikipedia Contribution[edit]

Thank you!
Because of your support, I was elected Assistant Coordinator of the Wikipedia Military History Project in February 2007.
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I took a virtual "leave of absence" 2007-2008 from Wikipedia, yet felt compelled to return to work on this global information resource in late 2008. It is very good to be back! --Petercorless (talk) 20:52, 3 December 2008 (UTC)

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January 2016[edit]

April 2011[edit]


Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)2002 Mombasa hotel bombing1998 United States embassy bombingsBattle of FadaDarfur conflict

African UnionList of African Union member states by political system

West Africa Campaign (World War II)LibrevilleBattle of GabonBattle of Dakar


SomaliaHistory of SomaliaEconomy of SomaliaSomali languageGreater Somalia

Somali Government[edit]

Transitional Federal Institutions

History of the Transitional Federal Government of the Republic of Somalia

Politics of Somalia

Peace and Peacekeeping[edit]

Disarmament in SomaliaDiplomatic and humanitarian efforts in the Somali Civil WarAttempts at Reconciliation in Somalia (1991-2004)African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) / IGAD Peace Support Mission to Somalia (IGASOM) • Informal Preparatory Meeting on National ReconciliationConference on National Reconciliation in Somalia2002 Somali Reconciliation ConferenceAddis Ababa Agreement (1993)Operation Provide ReliefOperation Restore Hope

War and Conflict[edit]

Somali Civil War

Ethiopian-Somali conflict

Military Engagements[edit]

Battle of BaidoaBattle of BandiradleyBattle of BeledweyneBattle of JowharFall of MogadishuBattle of JilibFall of KismayoBattle of Ras Kamboni


JubalandPuntlandSouthwestern SomaliaGalmudug


Factions in the Somali Civil War

Transitional National Government (TNG)Juba Valley Alliance (JVA)Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT)Somalia Reconciliation and Restoration Council (SRRC)Somali Patriot Movement (SPM)Somali National Front (SNF)United Somali Congress (USC) • Somali National Movement (SNM)Allied Somali Forces (ASF)Somali National Alliance (SNA)

Islamic Courts Union (ICU)Hizbul ShabaabAl-Itihaad al-IslamiyaPopular Resistance Movement in the Land of the Two Migrations

National Security Service (Somalia) (NSS)

Tribes and Clans[edit]



Ras KamboniBakaara MarketBarderaBu'aaleKismayu


List of Somalians


Abdullahi Yusuf AhmedAli Mohammed GhediHussein Mohamed Farrah AididBarre Adan Shire HiiraaleSalad Ali Jelle • Gen. Ismail Qasim NajiHasan Muhammad Nur ShatigadudAbdirashid Mohamed HidigMuktar Hussein AfrahAbdiqasim Salad HassanHassan Abshir FarahOsman Jama AliAli Khalif GalaydhJama Ali JamaAdan Mohamed Nuur MadobeSharif Hassan Sheikh AdenAsha Haji ElmiDr Mohamed Sheikh Mohamud Guled (Gacmadheere)Mohamed Warsame AliOmar Muhamoud FinnishMusa Sudi YalahowMohamed Afrah QanyareOsman Ali AttoOmar Hashi Aden


Hassan Dahir AweysSharif AhmedAbdirahman JanaqowHassan Abdullah Hersi al-TurkiAden Hashi Farah "Eyrow"Yusuf Mohammed Siad Inda'adeAbu Taha al-SudanDaniel Joseph Maldonado


Mohamed Farrah AididYusuf Ahmed Hagar DabageedMohamed Omar Habeb DhereMohammed Said Hersi MorganAbdi Hasan Awale QeybdiidAli Mahdi Muhammad


Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-GhaziCabdulle GorodAden Abdullah Osman DaarAbdirashid Ali ShermarkeAbdirizak Haji HusseinMohammed Siad Barre


For Justice and Development (UCID)

SoolSanaagTogdheerAwdalLas KhoreyBadhan


Military of EthiopiaKombolchaOgaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)


Panjdeh Incident2007 Kuril Islands earthquakePankisi GorgeIslamic Emirate of WaziristanGurkha

War in South Ossetia (2008)Nagorno-Karabakh WarAdministrative divisions of AzerbaijanSadarak

Souvanna Phouma


SaffronizationHindu nationalismNaxaliteCommunist Party of India (Maoist)‎ChhattisgarhLiberhan Commission

Terrorist Attacks[edit]

2008 Mumbai attacksResponsibility for the November 2008 Mumbai attacksAzam Amir Kasav

Islamist Organizations[edit]

Deccan MujahideenLashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) • Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam


Battle of Henan-Hunan-Guangxi



Greater Bulgaria


Strategies, Tactics, and Operations[edit]

SiegeResistance movementVisit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) • Maritime Security Operations (MSO)Military operations other than war (MOOTW) • Effects-Based Operations (EBO)Stand up (military)

Ground Vehicles[edit]

Technical (fighting vehicle)High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) • Infantry Mobility Vehicle (IMV)Scout carGun truckBushmaster IMV

Naval Vessels[edit]

Pre-industrial armoured shipsRussian submarine K-266


CastleMotte-and-baileyLimesConcentric castleRedoubtRevetmentJapanese castle

Islam and Islamists[edit]


Global Conflict[edit]

Jihad vs. McWorldClash of Civilizations


Al-QaedaMujahideenTablighi JamaatQadiriyyah

Conflicts and Operations[edit]

List of wars in the Muslim worldOperation CycloneSoviet war in AfghanistanTerrorism in Kashmir




Fazul Abdullah MohammedSulaiman Abu GhaithIbn al-KhattabShamil Basayev

UN and Arms Control[edit]

SALWGun control/Gun politicsDomains of Gun PoliticsWendy ChamberlinArms controlDisarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) • GunrunningPhosphorus

US Military[edit]

Conflicts and Operations[edit]

War on TerrorismAllegations of state terrorism by United States of America

Operation Enduring FreedomOperation Enduring Freedom - Horn of AfricaOperation Enduring Freedom - Trans SaharaTrans-Saharan Counterterrorism InitiativeOperation Enduring Freedom - Pankisi GorgeJoint Combined Exchange TrainingBattle of Cieneguilla

Organizations and Commands[edit]

Unified Combatant Commands[edit]

United States Africa Command

Combined Task Forces[edit]

Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) • Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150)


Combat Logistics Battalion 2 (CLB-2)

US Army[edit]

2d Battalion, 20th Field Artillery4th Infantry Division Artillery1st Infantry Division

Installations and Bases[edit]

List of United States Army installationsList of United States Air Force installationsList of United States Marine Corps installationsList of United States Navy installations

Cooperative Security Location (CSL) • Forward Operating Site (FOS) • Forward Operating Base (FOB)

Camp LemonnierKelley Barracks


USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69)USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG-81)USS Newport News (SSN-750)


General John AbizaidEdwin Taylor Pollock


Commodore Bruce Williams, Royal Navy

Operation Compass

Windsor Castle

British Iron Age


List of wars 2003–currentList of irredentist claims or disputes

Cold War (1953-1962)U-2 Crisis of 1960

Monroe Doctrine

Knights Templar

World War II[edit]

World War IIAllies of World War IIParticipants in World War IITimeline of World War II

Pacific WarLedo RoadThe Stilwell Road (movie)Wang Jingwei GovernmentNanjing

13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade

Language, Linguistics & Philosophy[edit]



Latin Expressions[edit]

Carpent tua poma nepotes (User Page)



Bruce Degen

Musicians & Singers[edit]

Ysabella Brave


Timeline of algebra

Arthurian Legends[edit]


Politics, Sociology & Economics[edit]

SovereigntyNational securityCommunity recognitionNationalismEthnic nationalismMcWorldEnergy intensityDavid Emory


2009 H1N1 Flu Outbreak

Nature and Conservation[edit]

Duck crossing


Pendragon (role-playing game)Castle Marrach

New York City[edit]


Beach Channel High School


Floyd Bennett Field


Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts


Liberty Middle School (Virginia)

Latest Graphics[edit]

War in Somalia, Securing the Kenyan Border, January 1-4, 2006

Somali War 2007, US Airstrike, January 8, 2007

Somali War, Battle of Ras Kamboni, January 5-12, 2007




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Somali Civil War, Withdrawal of the ICU, December 27-29, 2006