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This is a list of all the video games I own. All games are the US version unless otherwise noted.

Total: xx


Total: 35


Total: 5

Super Nintendo[edit]

Total: xx

Nintendo 64[edit]

Total: 30

Nintendo Gamecube[edit]

Total: xx

Game Boy[edit]

Total: 8

Game Boy Color[edit]

Total: 1

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Total: xx

Nintendo DS[edit]

Currently do not own a Nintendo DS system.
Total: 7

Sega Genesis[edit]

Total: 3

Sega Dreamcast[edit]

Total: 24


Total: 51

Playstation 2[edit]

Total: xx

PlayStation 3[edit]

Total: 7


Total: 2


Only PC games I own the original discs for are listed.
Total: 18 (Expansion packs not included.)

Games that don't work[edit]

Total: 5 (Not counted in grand total.)

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