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                                  16  April  2014  
               This is the user page of John Francis aka Tinkermen 
Wikipedians of Los Angeles California gathered at Pan-Pacific Park for the Great American Wikinic in June 2011. I'm in the front row, left side of this photo with the cut off tee shirt.
                  Wikipedia Articles I've Started & Completed;

(World Golf Tour)  :  : (A Lotus Grows in the Mud)  :  : (The Worry Trap)  :  : (Divorce Busting)  :  : (Michele Weiner-Davis)  :  : (Hannes Schroll)  :  : (Love & Respect)

                Wikipedia Articles I've Expanded;

(Sugar Bowl Ski Resort) & (The Artist's Way) & (Skateboarding)

                 Tinkermen Articles In progress
               Wikipedia Community Shortcuts

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