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Abuse response (AR), previously abuse reports, was a Wikipedia process by which volunteers could respond to issues of persistent vandalism or disruptive editing from IP addresses. The process involved (1) taking note of persistent abuse from a particular IP address or group of IP addresses within the same network, (2) compiling a report based on the IP(s) contributions in order to demonstrate the pattern of abuse, and (3) making contact with the ISP or network responsible for those hosts, usually via the abuse contact listed in the Whois data for the IP address(es) in question. The general exclusionary rule for AR was that the report needed to concern an address with at least five blocks, one of which was recent.

AR was officially retired in November 2013 after a long decline in activity. This process suffered from serious problems. The report compilation process was involved and time-consuming, and as such a great volume of reports were listed but never had reports compiled. At the time of AR's closure in 2013, there were pending reports dating back to 2011. It is still possible for administrators and vandal fighters to contact ISPs, schools, and employers on their own, but they should be sure to note that they are only a contributor and not employed by Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation. Many ISPs, schools, and employers are cooperative, while many others are not.

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 Abuse response

Abuse Response is a community initiative for the reporting and investigation of abuse originating from IP address users. Those IP addresses are then reported to the Internet service provider with jurisdiction over the IP address in hopes to counter and even deter abuse to Wikipedia.

  • Abuse Response is not for blocking accounts. If an IP address user is presently vandalizing Wikipedia, please go to AIV.
  • We do not handle abusive user accounts. To report abusive users for action, see the long-term abuse project and follow the instructions there.
  • Please DO NOT report suspected sockpuppets here, reports of sockpuppetry or abuse of multiple accounts belongs at the Sockpuppet investigations noticeboard. Reports filed about sockpuppets will be declined on sight.

For a list of current Abuse Response volunteers, or for information on how you can help with the Abuse Response project, please see the volunteers page. We are always looking for help.

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File a new report here
I. For all reports:
Your report must meet the following six criteria:
  1. The IP is currently blocked
  2. The IP has been blocked in the last three months
  3. The IP has been blocked at least five times
  4. At least one block was imposed for a year or more
  5. You are not reporting sockpuppetry or a registered user
  6. The IP was suitably warned prior to most blocks
II. For a single IP address For multiple IP addresses & ranges
Replace "IP" below with the IP address you are reporting.

Replace "IP" below with the most recent IP address or IP range you are reporting.

III. Fill out the resulting page and fill-in the requested information.
IV. Save the page.

If you need help

If you need help with either submitting an abuse report or processing an abuse report, please ask on the talk page. You may also wish to directly message members of the team. A list of active team members may be found on the list of volunteers. Feel free to also contact members on their talk page.


The processing of an Abuse Response case has three phases.
  • Alert: An attentive user notices a trend of vandalism from a given IP (or range) and reports the IP address here.
  • Under Investigation: Once an alert is made, it is opened by a project member, who begins an investigation and compiles a report for use when contacting the ISP or organization responsible for the IP number.
  • In Contact: Once a case has been investigated and a report prepared the case handler then attempts to contact the ISP or organization responsible for the IP address, explain the situation to the organization and points them to the prepared report. The case handler remains in contact with the organization, most likely by email, to answer any further questions or provide other requested information.

Once the case handler has made contact with the provider, the case remains open as long as contact continues. If the provider successfully resolves the complaint, the case handler closes the case, with a summary of the result. If the provider is unwilling to cooperate, the case is noted and closed with a summary of events.

You have opened the case and are notifying the reporting user.

You have rejected the case and are notifying the reporting user.

You have closed the case and are notifying the reporting user.

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