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This is a page of featured pictures that have been skipped and are unlikely to appear as picture of the day for various reasons.

Image Article Reason
Michele Merkin Michele Merkin Too cheesecake-y for the Main Page. Will call into question Wikipedians' character ("She only got picked because she's hot" etc). A POTD blurb for glamour photography could potentially be written as well, but it would preferable to not have a topless woman for that case. The decision not to feature this image on the main page was affirmed through a two-week discussion in May 2014.
Defecating seagull Guano Although shows how guano is ejected from the bird, will invite too many juvenile comments from the peanut gallery.
Woman urinating Public indecency Like the seagull photo, will be the catalyst of much hand-wringing and/or vandalism.
Someone being lynched Lynching Too graphic.
Dream of the Fisherman's Wife The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife Too graphic, bound to draw unnecessary catcalls.
Cosmic Microwave Background Cosmic Microwave Background Too similar to previously featured version.
Pseudatelus Pseudatelus Article is too short.
Citric acid cycle Citric acid cycle Too similar to previously featured version.
Gabriele Castagnola Love or Duty, by Gabriele Castagnola Too similar to previously featured version.
Amanita caesarea Amanita caesarea Misidentified.
Odd-eyed-cat Odd-eyed cat Too similar to previously featured version.
Bombing of Hamburg in World War II Article has neutrality issues, see Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Military history/Archive 131#Template:POTD/2015-07-27.
September Morn September Morn Per discussion at Wikipedia:Today's featured article/requests/September Morn.
Checker shadow illusion.svg Illusion Similar image File:Grey square optical illusion.PNG has already appeared on the main page three times.
Rembrandt - The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp.jpg The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp This was just a replacement for one that already appeared in 2009.
Nadar - "Hermaphrodite" (Seventh Gallica image).jpg Hermaphrodite Too explicit: unsuitable for main page.