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Taiwan-icon.svgWikiProject Taiwan (edit)


WikiProject Taiwan is open to anyone interested in editing and improving articles related to Taiwan. This WikiProject is intended as a politically-neutral, ethnically-neutral, and culturally-neutral platform for all contributors interested in increasing Wikipedia's coverage of Taiwan-related articles. Our scope may overlap with WikiProject Japan and WikiProject China in some areas, but will be separate most of the time. This project will try to remain politically and racially neutral.

For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and Wikipedia:WikiProject/Best practices.


Articles relating to the following topics: History of Taiwan, Culture of Taiwan, Taiwanese people, Military of the Republic of China, Geography of Taiwan, Sport in Taiwan, Science, Politics of Taiwan, Religion in Taiwan


  • To create a body of articles that accurately depicts the history and culture of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people.
  • Expand the number of articles regarding Taiwan and Taiwanese subjects.
  • Highlight the situation of post-1949 Taiwan without running into POV issues.
  • Add more English sources to existing Taiwan-related articles, using the <ref> element.



WikiProject Taiwan participants are listed here. Feel free to add your name there!


The four departments are used to coordinate with other participants in improving articles.

  • Assessment: To assess the quality of articles in conjunction with the WP:1.0 program. Ratings are attributed to articles via the {{WPTAIWAN}} project banner.
  • Peer review: Request peer review to examine articles and obtain ideas for further improvement.
  • Photography: Request and supply photos needed in articles.
  • Translation: Request and assist in the translation of high-quality non-English material.


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  • To add a page to the project, please add one of the following templates to the top of the talk page of the article: {{WikiProject Taiwan}} or {{WPTAIWAN}}.
  • To invite a user to participate in this project, add {{subst:WPTAIWAN-invite}} to their talk page.


There is now a barnstar which can be awarded to people in thanks for contributions to Taiwan-related articles. For details on how to use it, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Taiwan/Barnstar.

Taiwan Barnstar.png Taiwan Barnstar of Merit
Awarded to Some Contributor by A User for contributions to WikiProject Taiwan, specifically for great work in getting the articles on X, Y, and Z to Good Article status.

28 March 2017


Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.




Glossary (Dead link)
  • i-Taiwan is a government sponsored English portal. It also contains an English glossary used by many offices. i-Taiwan is decommissioned on 2013-10-01. / 台灣許多政府機關都使用的雙語詞彙查詢。「國際生活環境整合網」已於102年10月1日停止營運。
  • A database of names of places.
  • 中研院地名檢索系統。附英文地名。
Geographic Translation
  • Geographic Translation made by MOI.
  • 內政部線上地名譯寫。
Categorized Administrative Knowledge Entity
  • (施政分類架構, CAKE). This is a controlled vocabulary developed by government to describe its operations. See also [ 行政院施政分類架構]
National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan (NDLTD)
  • Many thesis have English abstract and keywords.
  • 很多論文都有英文摘要與關鍵字。
Encyclopedia of Taiwan
  • Some articles have English translation.
  • 有些詞條有英文翻譯。
Taiwan Panorama (台灣光華雜誌)
  • A government-sponsored magazine. Many articles have English translation.
  • 政府贊助的雙語雜誌。許多文章有中英對照。
Coast Guard bulletin bi-monthly" (海巡雙月刊)
  • This journal is published by Coast Guard Administration. It reports the administration's works, studies, recommendations and lighter pieces promoting its image and morale. It has detailed translation of every article. Person names, unit names, ship names, numbers, legal terms, and other details are translated. The translation is done by Yi-Hua Translation Service.
  • 海巡署出版的刊物。介紹海巡業務。有詳細翻譯人名船名法律術語等。由億華翻譯有限公司翻譯。