Bicol Express

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Bicol Express
Bicol Express.jpg
Type Stew
Place of origin Philippines
Creator Cecilia Kalaw
Main ingredients Long chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion, pork, garlic
Cookbook:Bicol Express  Bicol Express

Bicol Express (Bikol: Sinilihan) is a popular Filipino dish which was popularized in the district of Malate, Manila but made in traditional Bicolano style.[1][2] It is a stew made from long chilies (siling mahaba in Tagalog, lada panjang in Malay/Indonesian), coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion, pork, and garlic. It is said to have been inspired by the fiery Bicolano dish gulay na may lada, which is nowadays presented as one of the many variants of Bicol Express.

Bicol Express was named after the passenger train service[3] from Manila to the Bicol region, a region in the Philippines famous for its spicy cuisine.


  1. ^ Who invented the incendiary Bicol Express? The Philippine Cookbook (Virginia Roces de Guzmán and Nina Daza Puyat) states that the dish was invented by Cecilia Kalaw during the 1960s. Kalaw grew up in the Bicolano city of Naga and it is there where she learned the local cooking traditions.
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