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Cinema of Norway
Ringen kino, a movie theatre in Oslo
Number of screens 422 (2011)[1]
 • Per capita 9.6 per 100,000 (2011)[1]
Main distributors SF Norge 23.0%
The Walt Disney Company Nordic 21.0%
United International Pictures 17.0%[2]
Produced feature films (2011)[3]
Fictional 31 (88.6%)
Animated -
Documentary 4 (11.4%)
Number of admissions (2013)[4]
Total 11,802,662
 • Per capita 2.3 (2013)[4]
National films 2,690,110 (22.8%)
Gross Box Office (2013)[4]
Total NOK 1.1 billion
National films NOK 222 million (20.3%)

Norway has had a notable cinema industry for some time. In the early 21st century a few Norwegian film directors have had the opportunity to go to Hollywood to direct various independent films. As of 2011, there had been nearly 900 films produced in Norway, with a third of these being made in the last 15 years.[5]

Notable films[edit]











Notable short films[edit]



Other notable persons in the Norwegian film industry[edit]


The Norwegian equivalent of the Academy Awards is the Amanda award, which is presented during the annual Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund. The prize was created in 1985. The Amanda award is presented in following categories: Best Norwegian Film, Best Directing, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actress, Best Film for Children and Youth, Best Screenplay, Best Short Film, Best Documentary (however, a documentary can also win the Best Film award), Best Foreign Film and an honorary award.

The documentary Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl received the Academy Award for Documentary Feature at the 24th Academy Awards in 1951. It is the only feature film in Norwegian history to win an Academy Award. In 2006 the Norwegian/Canadian animated short film The Danish Poet, directed by Norwegian Torill Kove and narrated by Norwegian screen legend Liv Ullman, won an Academy Award for Animated Short Film, and became the second Norwegian production to receive an Academy Award.

As of 2013, five films from Norway have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film: Nine Lives (1957), The Pathfinder (1987), The Other Side of Sunday (1996), Elling (2001) and Kon-Tiki (2012).

Film festivals[edit]

Film commissions[edit]

Film schools[edit]

Film schools include:

Other alternatives for more theoretical higher education in film include:

There are also several more practical private film collages:

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