Hessischer Rundfunk

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Hessischer Rundfunk
HR Dachmarke.PNG
Broadcast area Hesse
Slogan Die Adresse für Hessen
The Address for Hesse
Language(s) German
Website www.hr-online.de
Map of the nine regional broadcasting members of Germany's ARD radio/TV network.
Headquarters in Frankfurt

Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting Corporation; hr) is the public broadcaster for the German state (Bundesland) of Hesse. The main offices of HR are in Frankfurt am Main. HR is a member of the ARD. Since December 2013 the channel is also available in HDTV.[1]


The main radio and television studios for HR are located at Bertramstraße 8, Frankfurt am Main. There are additional radio and television studios in Kassel and Wiesbaden, and additional radio studios in Darmstadt, Fulda and Gießen. HR also has offices in Berlin, Eltville, Erbach, Limburg an der Lahn and Marburg. In 2000, HR opened studios on the 53rd floor of the Main Tower in the city centre of Frankfurt. HR is also responsible for the ARD Studios in Madrid and Prague.


Licensing fees are currently €17.98 per month. Since 2013, this amount has to be paid by every household, even if there are no radio or TV receivers present. These fees are not collected directly by the HR but by the Beitragsservice that is a common organisation of ARD, its members, ZDF and Deutschlandradio.



Like other regional public broadcasting networks in Germany, HR has its own "Channel Three" programming. From 1964 until 1983 it was called 'Hessisches Fernsehprogramm' ("Hessian television programme") and from 1983 until 1997 it was called 'Hessen Drei' ("Hesse Three"). In 1997 it was renamed to 'hessen fernsehen' ("hesse television"), and most recently, in October 2004 it was renamed 'hr-fernsehen' (hr-television).

HR also contributes programming to Das Erste, Phoenix, KI.KA, ARTE and 3sat



hr1 plays almost exclusively middle of the road and easy listening music, chiefly from the 1965 to 1985 era, and is aimed at a 40- to 60-year-old demographic. Until 2004 hr1 had been hr's main information channel.


hr2 is hr's cultural and classical-music radio channel.


hr3 is an adult-oriented popular music programme. Relaunched in the early 80s as a service targeted principally at young people, the station has aged together with its audience.


hr4 is aimed at an older listenership. It broadcasts regional news and German popular music (schlagers) and "evergreens", as well as instrumental music, folk, and light classical music.


hr-info (hr-iNFO) is 24-hour news radio. At weekends, it broadcasts special in-depth-reports on a range of topics.

You FM[edit]

You FM is hr's music programme for young people. It has also become famous outside of Hessen and Germany for its Saturday night techno music transmissions.

Former radio channels[edit]

Hessischer Rundfunk with ARD-Sternpunkt in Frankfurt
  • hr-klassik – classical music programme (closed September 2005)
  • hr XXL – independent music programme for young people (1998–2003, now replaced by YOU FM)
  • hr-chronos – information programme (closed 2003)
  • hr-skyline – business-oriented information programme (1998–2004), now replaced by hr-info)

Musical organizations[edit]

HR administers two musical organizations:

  • The hr-Sinfonieorchester ("Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra") – known until 2005 as the Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt. Founded in 1929, the orchestra has a balanced musical output covering both the classical repertoire and contemporary compositions.
  • The hr-Bigband.

Notable musicians and conductors[edit]

Notable programmes[edit]

Notable programme hosts[edit]


  • AM transmitter Weiskirchen (not to be confused with the AM transmitter at Weißkirchen belonging to the American Forces Network)
  • Transmitter for VHF, AM and TV on "Hohen Meißner"
  • Transmitter for VHF and TV on Großen Feldberg
  • Transmitter for VHF and TV on Rimberg
  • Transmitter for VHF and TV on Sackpfeife in Biedenkopf
  • Transmitter for VHF and TV on Würzberg
  • Transmitter for VHF and TV in Essigberg in Habichtswald
  • Transmitter for VHF and TV in Marburg
  • Transmitter for VHF and TV on Hardberg

Internet streaming[edit]

Each of HR's six radio channels is streamed online.[2]


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