Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa

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Type Public-service
radio and television
Country Greenland
Availability National
Owner The Greenland Government
Politics of Greenland
Key people
Søren Møller Lennert,
Director General
Launch date
1958 (founded)
1982 (television)
Official website

Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa (literally Radio Greenland, usually referred to as The Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation or KNR) is the national public broadcasting corporation of Greenland, based in the country's capital city, Nuuk.

It is an independent state-owned corporation headed by a seven-person board. Its activities are funded from a mixture of sources, including direct government funding and on-air advertising.

KNR former Headquarters in Nuuk
KNR station, Ilulissat

KNR provides one national television station and one national radio station. The radio station operates on 650 kHz mostly in the Greenlandic language (Kalaallisut) but also in Danish. The television schedule consists of a mix of locally produced programmes, news in Kalaallisut, plus the main news bulletins and some other programmes from Danmarks Radio (DR) in Copenhagen. A second radio channel relays DR output directly but is available only in the capital, Nuuk.

Local commercial television stations can be found in several Greenlandic towns. Some stations are Nuuk TV and Sisimiut TV. Local television stations gathered in the organization STTK

In 2006, KNR TV installed a complete digital SD-SDI production / editing facility with the infrastructure to provide for the local production of talkshows, news and remote broadcasts. In 2012-13 it was decided that it was necessary for KNR to move out of their physical building in Nuuk as it was determined that the building had a build-up of unhealthy mold and fungus. All elements of KNR Radio and TV were strategically and subsequently moved out. 2013 - KNR is in transition and scheduled to be on-air in their new temporary facilities by mid-2014. KNR - Long Range Plans: the KNR long-range plans for their Nuuk Radio and TV facility with a new purpose-built media facility designed to be green, economic, and efficient.

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