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Iranian Jūje-kabāb, grilled along tomatoes and peppers

Jūjeh-kabāb (Persian: جوجه‌کباب‎, literally grilled chicken) is an Iranian dish that consists of grilled pieces of chicken. It is common to marinate the pieces in minced onion, lemon juice and sometimes saffron.

Jūjeh-kabāb is a popular dish in Iran that is rarely eaten alone. Rather, it is often served on/along a dish of cooked rice or between two layers of lavash bread, both of which are staples in the Persian diet. The former is more often served in restaurants and elaborate parties such as wedding receptions while the latter is often eaten in domestic settings, kebab joints and picnics or packed for road trips. Other optional components include grilled tomatoes, peppers (grilled or raw), fresh lemons or other vegetables.

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