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This is a list of flags used in Bangladesh. For more information about the national flag, visit the article Flag of Bangladesh.

National flag[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Bangladesh.svg 1972–present National flag of Bangladesh A red disc on top of a green field, offset slightly toward the hoist.[1]

Civil Ensign[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Civil Ensign of Bangladesh.svg 1972–present Civil Ensign of Bangladesh A red ensign with the Flag of Bangladesh in the canton influenced by the British design[2]

Presidential Standard[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Presidential Standard of Bangladesh.svg 1972–present Standard of the President of Bangladesh The Presidential Seal on a dark red background[3][2]

Military flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of the Bangladesh Army.svg 1972–present Flag of the Bangladesh Army The Army's badge on a green field
Bangladeshi Air Force Ensign.svg 1972–present Flag of the Bangladeshi Air Force A sky-blue ensign with the flag of Bangladesh in the canton, and the Air Force roundel in the fly
Naval Ensign of Bangladesh.svg 1972–present Ensign of the Bangladesh Navy A white ensign with the Flag of Bangladesh in the canton
CNS flag.gif 1972–present Standard of the Chief of Naval Staff The Navy's badge on a blue field[2]
BGB Flag.png 2010–present Flag of the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) The BGB's badge on a maroon field

Bangladesh Police[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
BPolice flag.jpg 1972–present Flag of the Bangladesh Police Logo of Bangladesh Police on a dark blue field


Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Bangladesh (1971).svg 1971–1972 Flag of Provisional Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh A flag with a green background, a red disk and a yellow map of the country in the middle[2]

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