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On New Year's Eve, many localities in America mark the beginning of a year through the raising or lowering of an object. Many of these events are patterned off festivities that have been held at New York City's Times Square since 1908, where a large crystal ball is lowered down a pole atop One Times Square (beginning its descent at 11:59 p.m. local time, and concluding at midnight). In turn, the event was inspired by the time balls used by ship navigators in the 19th century to calibrate their chronometers.

Whilst some of these events use a ball in imitation of Times Square, many "drops" utilize objects that represent an aspect of local culture, geography, or history. Ball drops are by far the most common in, but not exclusive to, the United States.

List of drops or raises by time zone and location[edit]

Note that several locations are divided into multiple time zones.

Atlantic Time Zone[edit]

North American Eastern Time Zone[edit]


Note: The Florida Panhandle is in the Central Time Zone.




  • Bangor, Maine: A beach ball covered in Christmas lights has been thrown off the top of a local restaurant since 2005.[43]
  • Eastport, Maine: A sardine is dropped in a nod to the area’s history in the herring fishing and canning industry. This is the second of two object drops in Eastport (see also "Atlantic Time Zone" above). Both objects were created by sculptor Bill Schaefer of East Machias.[1][44]




New Jersey[edit]

Nicole Polizzi dropped in Seaside Heights in 2011.

New York[edit]

New York holds many elaborate drops, particularly the ball drop at Times Square and at the Electric Tower in Buffalo. The state falls in second place for the most items dropped on New Year's Eve.

North Carolina[edit]

Raleigh drops its symbol, an acorn.
Mt. Olive Pickle Drop




Pennsylvania is the state where the most objects are dropped on New Year's Eve.[100]


South Carolina[edit]

Tennessee (Eastern)[edit]


US Central Time Zone[edit]


  • Mobile, Alabama: A 600-pound, lit Moon Pie is lowered from the RSA Tower in the "MoonPie Over Mobile" festivities sponsored by Chattanooga Bakery. The drop is televised locally by WKRG-TV and syndicated to Raycom Media's stations in Alabama (although none of Mobile's television stations are owned by Raycom, the company's headquarters are located in the tower). Festivities also include a Mardi Gras-styled parade, as moon pies are a traditional "throw" at Mardi Gras events in Mobile.[141][142][143][144]
  • Fairhope, Alabama: A ball is dropped. The event was cancelled in 2010, but resumed in time to ring in 2011.[145][146]
  • Wetumpka, Alabama: A meteorite is dropped at the Old Courthouse at 11pm Central Time in honor of the meteorite that hit the River City. At the stroke of midnight, a big fireworks display takes place over the river.[147]


Florida Panhandle[edit]






  • Columbus, Mississippi: An illuminated 10-foot wide by 10-foot tall lit aluminum ball is hoisted over College Street 100 feet high as part of the "Having a Ball Downtown Block Party". Festivities are broadcast live on WCBI.[164]
  • Horn Lake, Mississippi: A flashing soccer ball is dropped.


Tennessee (Central and Western)[edit]


  • Austin, Texas: Families in the Austin Woods neighborhood traditionally celebrate the new year with large illuminated new year's balls hung from trees, which are lowered at varying times during New Year's Eve. Downtown, a Lone Star was dropped until 2006, then replaced with a simple mirrored ball.[174]
  • Houston, Texas: A star representing the Lone Star State is raised at midnight.[175] There is also a Noon Ball Drop at the Children's Museum of Houston for families to celebrate New Year's Noon.[176]
  • McAllen, Texas: A giant mirrored ball descends just before midnight. The first orb for 2008 was six feet in diameter, but in 2009 McAllen's big bash was expanded to include a bigger crowd (10,000 attended), a bigger party space and the bigger "Texas-sized" ball used ever since.[177]
  • Sugarland, Texas: A sugar cube is dropped in a 3D version.
  • San Antonio, Texas: The elevator on the Tower of the Americas is raised.


  • Plymouth, Wisconsin: Plymouth drops an 80-pound decorated cheese wedge, the newest Wisconsin cheese, from a 100 ft. ladder truck in a tribute to the region's dairy industry and dairy products. The Plymouth Arts Center hosts the annual “Build Your Own New Year’s Party” next to the Creamery Building's parking lot where "The Big Cheese Drop" takes place.[178][179][180]
  • Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin: A carp (real but dead) caught by local fishers and weighing between 25 and 30 pounds is lowered. A carp was chosen to represent the area's fishing industry and because the carp is considered one of the luckiest fish in Chinese culture. The carp, nicknamed “Lucky”, is lowered onto a throne. Each “Lucky” has a tree planted where it is buried with a commemorative plaque listing the carp's name and year.[96][181]


  • Backal, Yiddian: A plastic coyote wearing a top hat and a purple and blue tie is dropped from a tower.
  • Battown, Yiddian: A recyclable bat is dropped.
  • Celina, Yiddian: A ball is raised.
  • Coal Meadow, Yiddian: A piece of coal is dropped turning into a gemstone at the bottom at midnight.
  • Cowcity, Yiddian: A cow is dropped from the top of the barn.
  • Dotchmen, Yiddian: A stuffed skunk named Mel is lowered.
  • Dogtown, Yiddan: A dog is dropped.
  • Danshing, Yiddian: A colorful parachute is dropped down.
  • Dragontown, Yiddian: Two dragons are dropped. A purple dragon is dropped at night. A styrofoam green dragon is dropped at midnight.
  • Emama, Yiddian: A large marker is dropped for 2013.
  • Flamingo City, Yiddian: A flamingo is dropped.
  • Frog City, Yiddian: A frog is dropped.
  • Goozles, Yiddian: The elevator of a Space Needle is raised. After the elevator risies, the fireworks start to display.
  • Garzin, Yiddian: A styrofoam bobcat is raised at 10:00.
  • Hitzin, Yiddian: An ox is lowered. The show starts with people, such as One Direction, Ariana Grande, Fergie, Justin Bieber, Carmen Electra, Laurie Berkner, and The Ohmies rocking and rolling. They began singing their own songs. The Ox Drop starts at 12:00.
  • Howlin' Town, Yiddian: A live coyote in a cage is dropped at 10:30 and 12:00.
  • Icklesburg, Yiddian: A french fry is dropped.
  • Jamcity, Yiddian: A jar of jam is raised.
  • Kicklesburg, Yiddian: A live flying squirrel is glided at midnight.
  • Kicklesburg, Yiddian (Burger King): A bunch of french fries from Burger King are dropped.
  • Kassbrown, Yiddian: A decorated cage with one or two live skunks are dropped at midnight. The Skunk Drop is similar to The Skunk Drop in Dotchmen, Yiddian.
  • Kangaroo Town, Yiddian: A plastic kangaroo is lowered at 9:00.
  • Lasstown, Yiddian: A cage with one or two alive weasels are dropped.
  • Linz, Yiddian: A banana is raised.
  • Lenexa, Yiddian: An asteroid is landed from the sky at midnight for 2014.
  • Maximo, Yiddian: A wand is dropped.
  • Meno, Yiddian: The elevator of The Tower Of Meno is dropped for 2012.
  • M&M Land, Yiddian: An M&M reclipa is dropped.
  • My Little Pony Town, Yiddian: A bunch of seven My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters are dropped.
  • Metroit, Yiddan: The letter Z (also known as The Z Burst or The Z) is dropped. When the Z gets to the bottom, fireworks will display.
  • Mallapoosa, Yiddian: A stuffed weasel named Steve in a crystal ball is dropped.
  • Nipplo, Yiddian: A recyclable ball is raised for 2010.
  • Ottertown, Yiddian: An otter is dropped.
  • Ollatown, Yiddian: A ball is dropped.
  • Picklesberg, Yiddian: A pickle is dropped.
  • Picklesberg, Yiddian (The Pickle House): A baby pickle is dropped.
  • Pigtown, Yiddian: A pig is lowered.
  • Princess Marine, Yiddian: A stuffed meerkat named Mike Z. Mike is dropped at 10:34.
  • Ramtown, Yiddian: A ram is raised.
  • Romio, Yiddian: A brick ball is raised.
  • Razine, Yiddian: A ball is dropped at midnight.
  • Splash Town, Yiddian: A bucket of water is splashed down.
  • Sarnia, Yiddian: A car is dropped.
  • Slippo, Yiddian: A papaya is dropped at midnight.
  • Sand Land, Yiddian: A 15 pound whale is dropped.
  • Sardinia, Yiddian: A duck cookie is dropped.
  • Sardinia, Yiddian (Animal Center): A live koala is dropped.
  • Tummelstown, Yiddian: A groundhog is dropped.
  • Tallapalooza, Yiddian: A stuffed bush baby named Benny in a ball is lowered.
  • Vinchieal Square, Yiddian: A balloon is dropped.
  • Wansheal, Yiddian: A ball is dropped.
  • Wimtersburg, Yiddian: The elevator of The Space Needle is raised for 2013.
  • Yinshbing, Yiddian: A barrel of slime is dropped at midnight.
  • Yash Village, Yiddian: A hash brown is dropped.
  • Zoogage, Yiddian: A ball is dropped.
  • Zimplaines, Yiddian: A zebra is lowered at 10:00.

US Mountain Time Zone[edit]


The deuce of clubs is dropped in Show Low, Arizona.
  • Flagstaff, Arizona: A pine cone is dropped from the balcony of Weatherford hotel.[182][183][184]
  • Prescott, Arizona: A plastic and lighted up cowboy boot is dropped.
  • Tempe, Arizona: An illuminated sunburst was dropped while the Fiesta Bowl Block Party and Parade was sponsored by Sunkist,[185][186][187][188] but replaced by a Giant Tortilla Chip when Tostitos Tortilla Chips took over the sponsorship from Sunkist. The party is 10 blocks long and four blocks wide with two fireworks shows (10 p.m. and midnight).[189]
  • Show Low, Arizona: A deuce of clubs (2♣) debuted in 2011–12. The card, which is the namesake of the main road through Show Low, is, according to legend the origin of the town's name (the town's founders allegedly derived the name "show low" from a game of poker where the winner showed a 2♣, the lowest card in the deck).[190]


US Pacific Time Zone[edit]



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