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A B-52 shooter served in a shot glass.

A shooter is a neologism for an alcoholic mixed drink that contains 30 millilitres (1.0 US fl oz) of two or more spirits.[1] Some shooters also have a non-alcoholic ingredient. They are generally drunk quickly, rather than being sipped.

Shooters can be shaken, stirred, blended, layered, or simply poured. Shot glasses or sherry glasses are the usual drinkware in which shooters are served. They are most commonly served at bars, and some bartenders have their own "signature" shooter.

The ingredients of shooters vary from bartender to bartender and from region to region. Two shooters can have the same name but different ingredients, resulting in two very different tastes.

List of drink shots[edit]

Shooters with beer[edit]

Mixed shooters
  • Boilermaker or Depth Charge: a beer mix
  • Snakebite: variations and alternate names: Snakebite and black, Diesel, Snakey B, Purple nasty, Purple, Black, Deadly snakebite, Hard snakebite, and Super snakebite.
  • U-Boot: a beer mix

Shooters with non-alcoholic bases[edit]

Mixed shooters

Shooters with Irish cream[edit]

A Brain Hemorrhage layered shooter.
Mixed shooters
  • Martian Hard On: equal parts creme de cacao, melon liqueur, and Baileys Irish Cream
  • Carrot Cake: equal parts Baileys Irish Cream, Cinnamon Schnapps, and Frangelico. Alternately made equal parts Baileys Irish Cream, Butterscotch Schnapps, and Goldschlager.
  • ABC: equal parts Amaretto, Baileys & Cognac.
  • Luke's Prediction: Equal parts Drambuie honey-flavored whiskey, Strawberry Flavored vodka and Jagermeister. Add Baileys Irish Cream last to blend with the rest of the mixture.
Layered shooters

Shooters with rum[edit]

Mixed shooters
Layered shooters
  • Flaming B-52 (also B-51, B-52 with Bomb-bay Doors, B-53, B-54, B-55, and B-57)
  • Gorilla Fart: pour ¾ ounce (2.25 cl) bourbon, then pour ¾ ounce (2.25 cl) of rum over the back of a bar spoon to create a layered effect. So named because of the fiery sensation in the back of the throat, especially if Tabasco sauce is added to the drink, as is also common.

"Oreo Cookie": 1 part Kahlua (10 ml), 1 part Baileys (10 ml) and 1 part Vodka (10 ml) Taste exactly like the cookie.

Shooters with tequila[edit]

Mixed shooters
Layered shooters
  • Flatliner: One half tequila and one half sambucca with several drops of Tabasco sauce. The liquids separate with the sambucca at the bottom and the tequila at the top, the Tabasco sauce sits in the middle of the glass forming a line between the two other spirits.

Shooters with vodka[edit]

Mixed shooters
  • Angel's Tit: a shot of vodka with a splash of Tabasco sauce.
  • Ankle Lock: 3 parts Vodka, 1 part Mello Yello.
  • Coppertone: Stoli Razberi, Splash Amaretto, orange juice, and cranberry juice.
  • Darth Vader: a shot of Jägermeister with a splash of Tabasco sauce
  • Lemon Drop: A chilled shot of lemon-flavored vodka served with a lemon wedge covered in sugar. One takes the shot, then bites the lemon. Vodka with lemon juice can be substituted if no lemon-flavored vodka is available.
  • Ruffe (see Boilermaker).
  • Mekong Delta 2 parts Vodka, 1 part orange juice, sprinkle of quality freeze dried soluble coffee.
  • Kamikaze: vodka, triple sec, and Lime juice, mixed in equal parts. It is also served traditionally.
  • Windex: A Kamikaze, substituting blue curacao for the triple sec, resulting in a bright blue shot.
  • Snakebite with venom, poison snakebite, or turbo diesel (see Snakebite).
  • U-Boot
  • Lucky 7's: 2 parts vodka, 2 parts Jameson, 1 can 7-UP
  • Smooth Pussy: Mix 1 part vodka, 1 part peach schnappes and a splash of lime juice in a shot glass. Top with a splash of cranberry juice to make it pink.
Layered shooters

Shooters with whiskey/whisky or bourbon[edit]

Mixed shooters
Layered shooters
  • Gorilla Fart: pour ¾ ounce (2.25 cl) bourbon, then pour ¾ ounce (2.25 cl) of rum over the back of a bar spoon to create a layered effect. So named because of the fiery sensation in the back of the throat, especially if Tabasco sauce is added to the drink, as is also common.

Shooters with wine, sparkling wine, or port[edit]

Mixed shooters

Cocktails with less common spirits[edit]

Mixed shooters
Layered shooters
  • Blow Job: quarter of a fluid ounce of Kahlúa or other coffee flavored liquor layered with half a fluid ounce of Amaretto. Typically the drink is mixed in a small shot glass and topped with whipped cream. An individual picks up the glass with their mouth and tilts their head back to drink it. If the cream is spilled, it may be licked off by a fellow drinker. Can also be done with Baileys, Kahlua and a few drops of strawberry liquor on top.
  • Pousse Cafe
  • Shit on Grass: equal parts melon liqueur (e.g., Midori), with a coffee liqueur (e.g., Tia Maria or Kahlua) carefully poured on top across the back a bar spoon, so that the two liquors do not mix; served as a layered shooter.
  • Bob Marley: Bottom Layer is creme de menthe, middle layer is banana liqueur and the top layer is cherry brandy. When poured and layered correctly, it gives the three rastafarian colours (red, yellow then green). The drink is well known in the Beaches Resorts and Sandals Resorts.

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