Sissano language

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RegionAitape District, Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea
Native speakers
300 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3sso
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Sissano is an Austronesian language spoken by at most a few hundred people around Sissano in Aitape District, Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea. 4,800 speakers were reported in 1990, but the 1998 tsunami wiped out most of the population.[1]



Front Central Back
High i u
Mid e (ə) o
Low a


Bilabial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive voiceless p t k ʔ
voiced (b) (d) (g)
Fricative voiceless s
voiced β (ɣ)
Approximant central j
lateral l ʎ
Rhotic r


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