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For the village in Iran, see Bandak, Iran. For BANDAK, see Bandak, family.
Location Kviteseid, Tokke (Telemark)
Coordinates 59°23′53″N 08°18′23″E / 59.39806°N 8.30639°E / 59.39806; 8.30639Coordinates: 59°23′53″N 08°18′23″E / 59.39806°N 8.30639°E / 59.39806; 8.30639
Primary inflows Tokke
Primary outflows Straumane
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 26.40 km²
Max. depth 325 m
Water volume 3.17 km³
Shore length1 60.16 km
Surface elevation 72 m
References NVE
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Bandak is a lake in the municipalities of Kviteseid and Tokke in Telemark county, Norway. The lake, which is part of the Telemark Canal route, belongs to the Skien watershed. The river Tokke flows into the lake, and the outlet is via the river Straumane, to Kviteseidvatn.[1]

The Tokke Hydroelectric Power Station utilizes the hydraulic head from Lake Vinje to Lake Bandak of ~394 meters to generate electricity. It is one of northern Europe's largest power plants with a production of some 440,000 kilowatts.

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