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Location Bykle (Aust-Agder)
Coordinates 59°32′19″N 7°21′6″E / 59.53861°N 7.35167°E / 59.53861; 7.35167Coordinates: 59°32′19″N 7°21′6″E / 59.53861°N 7.35167°E / 59.53861; 7.35167
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 5.92 km2 (2.29 sq mi)
Shore length1 24.03 km (14.93 mi)
Surface elevation 759 m (2,490 ft)
References NVE
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Hartevatnet or Hartevatn is a lake in the municipality of Bykle in Aust-Agder county, Norway. It is located near the village of Hovden. The lake is a good fishing spot and it contains lots of brown trout.

The lake is formed by a hydro-electric dam on the river Otra. It is also connected to the nearby lake Breivevatnet by a canal.[1]

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