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Map of Øyeren and surrounds
LocationAkershus and Østfold counties, Norway
Coordinates59°51′26″N 11°09′48″E / 59.85722°N 11.16333°E / 59.85722; 11.16333Coordinates: 59°51′26″N 11°09′48″E / 59.85722°N 11.16333°E / 59.85722; 11.16333
TypeNatural lake
Basin countriesNorway
Surface area84.74 km2 (32.72 sq mi)
Max. depth71 m (233 ft)
Shore length1165.47 km (102.82 mi)
Surface elevation101 m (331 ft)
Official nameNordre Oyeren
Designated24 July 1985
Reference no.307[1]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Øyeren is a lake in the Glomma River watershed, southeast of Lillestrøm. It is located within the municipalities of Enebakk, Skedsmo, Fet and Rælingen in Akershus county and Spydeberg and Trøgstad municipalities in Østfold county.

Lake Øyeren is the ninth largest lake by area in Norway with a surface area of 84.7 square kilometers (32.7 square miles). It is 101 meters (331 feet) above sea level and 71 meters (233 feet) deep.

The name[edit]

The name of the lake (Norse Øyir) is derived from øy f 'island; flat and fertil land along a waterside'.

Nordre Øyeren nature preserve[edit]

An area which includes parts of the northern ("nordre") end of the lake is an established nature preserve, listed as a Ramsar site.


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