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LocationKviteseid (Telemark)
Coordinates59°22′55″N 08°27′53″E / 59.38194°N 8.46472°E / 59.38194; 8.46472Coordinates: 59°22′55″N 08°27′53″E / 59.38194°N 8.46472°E / 59.38194; 8.46472
Basin countriesNorway
Surface area13.34 km2 (5.15 sq mi)
Shore length126.94 km (16.74 mi)
Surface elevation72 m (236 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Kviteseidvatn (or Kviteseidvatnet[1]) is a lake in the municipality of Kviteseid in Telemark county, Norway. The lake is part of the Telemark Canal and lies in the Skein watershed.

Kviteseidvatn’s inlet is via ‘’Strauman’’ from lake Bandak, and it discharges via the ‘’Straumen’’ to Flåvatn.

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  1. ^ The suffix "-et" is a form of the Norwegian language definite article and means "the". Hence Kviteseidvatnet is equivalent to "the Kviteseidvatn." Both forms can be found in English language text.