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Name daySeptember 17
Word/nameRobert (Germanic)
MeaningBright fame
Other names
Variant form(s)Robert, Bobby
Related namesRobert, Roberta, Bobbie, Bobby, Bobette, Robbie, Rob, Robin, Rupert, Rudolph, Bert, Rahbert, Roberts, Hob, Dob, Nob, Bo, numerous other variations

Bob is a male given name or a hypocorism, usually of Robert, and sometimes a diminutive of Bobby. It is most common in English speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

It most likely originated from the hypocorism Rob, short for Robert. Rhyming names were popular in the Middle Ages, so Richard became Rick, Hick, or Dick, William became Will, Gill, or Bill, and Robert became Rob, Hob, Dob, Nob, or Bob.[1][2]

In 1960 nearly 3,000 babies in the United States were given the name Bob compared to fewer than 50 in 2000.[3]

Politicians and businessmen[edit]



  • Bob Carr (born 1947), former Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Bob Carr (born 1943), former member of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Bob Carr (Florida politician) (1899–1967), mayor of Orlando, Florida
  • Bob Carruthers (politician), former member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly
  • Bob Casey Sr., (1932–2000), former Governor of Pennsylvania
  • Bob R. Casey (1915–1986), member of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Bob Casey Jr. (born 1960), current US Senator from Pennsylvania
  • Bob Cashell (born 1938), former Lieutenant Governor of Nevada and Mayor of Reno
  • Bob Clement (born 1943), former member of the US House of Representatives
  • Bob Coffin (born 1942), former Nevada State Senator
  • Bob Collins (1946–2007), Australian Senator from the Northern Territory
  • Bob Conley (born 1965), candidate for United States Senate in 2008
  • Bob Corbin (1922–2013), member of the Ohio House of Representatives
  • Bob K. Corbin (born 1928), former Arizona Attorney General
  • Bob Corker (born 1952), U.S. Senator from Tennessee
  • Bob Cortes (born 1963), member of the Florida House of Representatives
  • Bob Cotton (1915–2006), Senator for New South Wales
  • Bob Crowell (born 1945), Mayor of Carson City, Nevada


  • Bob Dadae (born 1961), Papua New Guinea politician
  • Bob Davies (businessman) (born 1948), British businessman
  • Bob Day (born 1952), Senator for South Australia
  • Bob Dearing (born 1935), Mississippi State Senator
  • Bob Debus (born 1943), former MP from and Attorney General of New South Wales
  • Bob dela Cruz (born 1977), Filipino politician and contestant on Big Brother
  • Bob Diamond (banker) (born 1951), British-born American banker
  • Bob Dixon, Missouri State Senator
  • Bob Dold (born 1969), former U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • Bob Dole (born 1923), American former senator and Presidential candidate
  • Bob Dornan (born 1933), former U.S. Representative from California
  • Bob Drewel (born 1946), former Snohomish County Executive
  • Bob Duff (born 1971), Connecticut State Senator
  • Bob Duffy (born 1954), former Lieutenant Governor of New York
  • Bob Duynstee (1920–2014), member of the Dutch House of Representatives
  • Bob Edgar (1943–2013), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  • Bob Ehrlich (born 1957), former Governor of Maryland
  • Bob Etheridge (born 1941), former U.S. Representative from North Carolina
  • Bob Ewing (born 1954), South Dakota State Senator
  • Bob Ferguson (politician) (born 1965), Attorney General of Washington
  • Bob Filner (born 1942), former Mayor of San Diego
  • Bob Fioretti (born 1953), former Chicago City Alderman
  • Bob Fitrakis (born 1955), Ohio politician
  • Bob Flanders (born 1949), former Rhode Island Supreme Court justice
  • Bob Foster (politician) (born 1947), former Mayor of Long Beach, California
  • Bob Franks (1951–2010), U.S. Representative from New Jersey


  • Bob Gable (born 1934), politician in Kentucky
  • Bob Gammage (1934–2012), U.S. Representative from Texas
  • Bob Gibbs (born 1954), U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • Bob Gibbs (Australian politician) (born 1946), former member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly
  • Bob Giuda (born 1952), former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives
  • Bob Godec (born 1956), U.S. Ambassador to Kenya
  • Bob Goodlatte (born 1952), US Representative from Virginia
  • Bob Graham (born 1936), former US Senator from Florida
  • Bob F. Griffin (born 1935), former Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives
  • Bob Gullo (born 1965), American businessman
  • Bob Gunther (born 1943), member of the Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Bob Guzzardi (born 1944), lawyer and political activist in Pennsylvania
  • Bob Hagan (born 1949), former Ohio State Representative
  • Bob Haldeman (1926–1993), White House Chief of Staff
  • Bob Hanner (1945–2019), American politician and businessman
  • Bob Harvey (mayor) (born 1940), former Mayor of Waitakere City, New Zealand
  • Bob Hasegawa (born 1952), member of the Washington Senate
  • Bob Hawke (1929-2019), former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Bob Healey (1957–2016), perennial candidate in Rhode Island
  • Bob Heffron (1890–1978), Premier of New South Wales
  • Bob Hensgens (born 1955), Louisiana State Senator
  • Bob Herron (born 1951), member of the Alaska House of Representatives
  • Bob Hogue (born 1953), basketball coach and former Hawaii State Senator
  • Bob Holden (born 1949), former Governor of Missouri
  • Bob Huff (born 1953), former California State Senator
  • Bob Hugin, American businessman
  • Bob Huntley (born 1932), former Idaho state representative and Supreme Court justice




  • Bob Ney (born 1954), former member of the US House of Representatives from Ohio
  • Bob Nicholas (born 1957), member of the Wyoming House of Representatives
  • Bob Nimmo (1922–2005), Administrator of U.S. Veterans Affairs
  • Bob Nonini (born 1954), member of the Idaho State Senate
  • Bob Oaks (born 1952), member of the New York State Assembly
  • Bob Oatley (1928–2016), Australian businessman
  • Bob O'Connor (mayor) (1944–2006), Mayor of Pittsburgh
  • Bob O'Dekirk, current mayor of Joliet, Illinois
  • Bob Odell (politician) (born 1943), former member of the New Hampshire Senate
  • Bob Odom (1935–2014), longtime Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Bob O'Donnell (born 1943), former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Bob O'Halloran (1888–1974), member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly
  • Bob O'Lone (1836–1871), American-born Canadian politician and soldier in Manitoba
  • Bob Onder (born 1962), member of the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives
  • Bob Packwood (born 1932), former United States Senator from Oregon
  • Bob Pacheco, former California State Assemblyman
  • Bob Pamplin (born 1941), American businessman and media mogul
  • Bob Parker (mayor) (born 1953), former Mayor of Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Bob Peeler (born 1952), former Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina
  • Bob Perciasepe (born 1951), former acting Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Bob J. Perry (1932–2013), political activist in Texas
  • Bob Peterson (North Dakota politician) (born 1951), former North Dakota State Auditor
  • Bob Peterson (Ohio politician) (born 1962), member of the Ohio State Senate
  • Bob Price (1927–2004), U.S. Representative from Texas






Artists, journalists, writers, editors, and publishers[edit]



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Below include people associated with the various football codes, which include gridiron football, association football (soccer), rugby league, rugby union, Gaelic football, and Australian rules football.


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In science, medicine and technology[edit]


  • Bob Doe (1920–2010), British Second World War pilot
  • Bob Hoover (born 1922), aerobatic pilot and United States Air Force test pilot and fighter pilot
  • Bob Johnson (pilot) (1917–2014), Canadian Second World War pilot
  • Bob Judson, British Royal Air Force commodore
  • Bob Vickman (1921–1948), United States Army Air Forces and Israeli Air Force pilot
  • Bob Yule (1920–1953), New Zealand Second World War Royal Air Force fighter pilot


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