Chiyono Hasegawa

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Chiyono Hasegawa
長谷川 チヨノ
Chiyono Hasegawa.jpg
Born はせがわ チヨノ
20 November 1896
Kiyama, Saga, Japan
Died 2 December 2011
(aged 115 years, 12 days)
Kiyama, Saga, Japan
Known for Supercentenarian

Chiyono Hasegawa (長谷川 チヨノ, Hasegawa Chiyono, 20 November 1896 – 2 December 2011) was a Japanese supercentenarian.[1] Aged 115 years, 12 days at the time of her death, she was the oldest verified person in Japan (since the death of Kama Chinen on 2 May 2010) and the 2nd oldest verified living person in the world behind American woman Besse Cooper.


In September 2008, on Senior Citizen's Day, Chiyono Hasegawa and her 61-year-old grandson were visited by Governor Furukawa of Saga Prefecture.[2][3]

On 2 May 2010, the day she became the oldest verified living Japanese person, Hasegawa attended a ceremony held at her nursing home which announced her new record.[4]

On 2 December 2011, Chiyono Hasegawa died of natural causes, aged 115. After her death, Jiroemon Kimura became the oldest person in Japan, and Koto Okubo the oldest woman in Japan.[1][5]

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