Eagle Station meteorite

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Eagle Station
Eagle Station pallasite, Mineralogisches Museum, Bonn.jpg
Type Achondrite, pallasite
Grouplet PES (Eagle Station grouplet)
Country United States
Region Kentucky
Coordinates 38°37′N 84°58′W / 38.617°N 84.967°W / 38.617; -84.967Coordinates: 38°37′N 84°58′W / 38.617°N 84.967°W / 38.617; -84.967
Observed fall No
Found date 1880
TKW 36 kg (79 lb)[1]
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The Eagle Station meteorite is a pallasite and type specimen of the Eagle Station grouplet.[2]

It was found in 1880 close to Eagle Station, Carroll County, Kentucky (United States). The first description was made by George F. Kunz in 1887.[3]


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