Bench Crater meteorite

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Bench Crater meteorite
Bench Crater – view of "rubble pile" in center of crater. The "Bench Crater meteorite" was collected during the Apollo 12 mission (EVA-2, November 20, 1969).
ClassCarbonaceous chondrite
CountryEarth's Moon
Found dateNovember 20, 1969
Apollo 12 landing site imaged by LRO, 2011.jpg
Bench Crater SW (image bottom left) of the Apollo 12 lander (LRO, 2011) – shows footprints and hardware left by astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean.

The Bench Crater meteorite is a meteorite discovered on the Moon by Apollo 12 astronauts in 1969. It is part of the friable basalt lunar sample 12037. Found on the north-west rim of the Bench Crater, it is the first meteorite to be discovered on a Solar System body other than the Earth. Its diameter is just a few millimeters. It is listed as a carbonaceous chondrite by the Meteoritical Society.

Bench Crater meteorite shown using various imaging techniques
Location where lunar sample 12037 was discovered

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