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Zaisho meteorite
Type Stony-iron
Class Pallasite
Group Pallasite main group, anomalous[1]
Country Japan[1]
Region Shikoku
Coordinates 33°42′N 113°48′E / 33.700°N 113.800°E / 33.700; 113.800Coordinates: 33°42′N 113°48′E / 33.700°N 113.800°E / 33.700; 113.800[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date 1898[2]
TKW 330 grams (12 oz)[1]

Zaisho is a meteorite whose fall in Japan in February 1898 was seen by observers on the ground.[1][2] As of 1984 it was one of only four known pallasite falls.[3]



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