Pavlovka (meteorite)

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Pavlovka meteorite, 1.1g.jpg
Type Achondrite
Class Asteroidal achondrite
Group Howardite
Country Russia
Region Saratov Oblast
Coordinates 52°2′N 43°0′E / 52.033°N 43.000°E / 52.033; 43.000Coordinates: 52°2′N 43°0′E / 52.033°N 43.000°E / 52.033; 43.000[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date 1882-08-02
TKW 2 kg

Pavlovka is a howardite meteorite fallen in 1882 near a village of Pavlovka, in the western part of modern Saratov Oblast, Russia. It is currently stored in the meteorite collection of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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