Toluca (meteorite)

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500g Toluca slice
Type Iron
Structural classification Coarse Octahedrite
Group IAB-sLL[1]
Composition 91% Fe; 8,1 % Ni
Country Mexico
Region Toluca Valley, Jiquipilco, Mexico State
Coordinates 19°34′N 99°34′W / 19.567°N 99.567°W / 19.567; -99.567Coordinates: 19°34′N 99°34′W / 19.567°N 99.567°W / 19.567; -99.567[1]
Observed fall No
Fall date >10000 years ago
Found date 1776
TKW 3 tonnes

Toluca is an iron meteorite found in 1776 in Mexico near Toluca.


The meteorite probably crashed towards the Earth more than 10000 years earlier.[2] For centuries, Mexican people living near the meteorites, used them as a source of metal for various tools. It was discovered by conquistadores in 1776.

The total known mass is about 3 tonnes.[1]

Composition and classification[edit]

This iron meteorite is a coarse octahedrite, chemical type IAB-sLL. The mean composition is 91% Fe and 8,1% Ni. It often contains large troilite inclusions.

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