Elk Range (Canada)

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Elk Range
Highest point
PeakMount Pocaterra
Elevation2,941 m (9,649 ft)
Coordinates50°35′57.0″N 115°01′45.0″W / 50.599167°N 115.029167°W / 50.599167; -115.029167Coordinates: 50°35′57.0″N 115°01′45.0″W / 50.599167°N 115.029167°W / 50.599167; -115.029167
Area234 km2 (90 sq mi)
ProvinceBritish Columbia and Alberta

The Elk Range is a mountain range of the Canadian Rockies, located on the southern edge of Kananaskis on the Alberta-British Columbia border.

This range includes the following mountains and peaks:

Mountain/Peak metres feet
Mount Pocaterra 2,941 9,650
Mount McPhail 2,883 9,459
Mount Tyrwhitt 2,874 9,430
Mount Bishop 2,850 9,350
Mount Loomis 2,822 9,259
Mount Odlum 2,716 8,911
Horned Mountain 2,667 8,750


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