Continental Ranges

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Continental Ranges
Canadian Rockies ContinentalRanges.png
Location map of the Continental Ranges
Area 65,091 km2 (25,132 sq mi)
Country Canada
States/Provinces British Columbia and Alberta
Range coordinates 52°00′N 117°30′W / 52°N 117.5°W / 52; -117.5Coordinates: 52°00′N 117°30′W / 52°N 117.5°W / 52; -117.5
Parent range Canadian Rockies

The Continental Ranges is a name for a major grouping of mountain ranges in the Rocky Mountains located in eastern British Columbia and western Alberta. It is a physiographic designation for use by geologists and is not used by the general public; it is not recognized in Alberta, and does not appear on topographic maps,[1] although the names of its subranges (the Kootenay, Park or Main Ranges, and Front Ranges) are in common use. It is the largest and best-known of the three main such subdivisions of the Canadian Rockies, the others being the Hart Ranges and the Muskwa Ranges.[2]


There are three main subdivisions of the Continental Ranges: the Front Ranges, the Park Ranges, and the Kootenay Ranges. Each of those three subdivisions is further divided into individual ranges as follows:


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