Mount Clemenceau

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Mount Clemenceau
Mount Clemenceau is located in British Columbia
Mount Clemenceau
Mount Clemenceau
Highest point
Elevation3,664 m (12,021 ft) [1]
Prominence1,499 m (4,918 ft) [1]
Parent peakMount Columbia
Coordinates52°14′50″N 117°57′29″W / 52.24722°N 117.95806°W / 52.24722; -117.95806Coordinates: 52°14′50″N 117°57′29″W / 52.24722°N 117.95806°W / 52.24722; -117.95806
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeCanadian Rockies
Topo mapNTS 83C/04
First ascent1923 by H. DeVillier-Schwab; W. Harris; H.Hall; D. Durand[1]
Easiest routeglacier/snow climb

Mount Clemenceau is the fourth highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. The peak was originally named "Pyramid" in 1892 by Arthur Coleman.[2] The mountain was renamed by the Interprovincial Boundary Survey in 1919 to its present name, which is for Georges Clemenceau, premier of France during World War I.[2]

Mt. Clemenceau was first climbed in 1923 by D.B. Durand, H.S. Hall, W.D. Harris and H.B. De V. Schwab.[1]


There are three standard climbing routes:[2]

  • West Face II
    • This is the normal route, similar to the north glacier route (normal) on Mount Athabasca but considered more interesting. The route avoids the steepest parts of the face.
  • North-East Ridge IV
  • North Face IV

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