Livingstone Range (Canada)

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Livingstone Range
Thunder Mountain, Livingstone Range.JPG
NW face of Thunder Mountain
Highest point
Peak 1,872 [1]
Elevation 1,872 metres (6,142 ft)
Country Canada
Provinces Alberta and British Columbia
Parent range Canadian Rockies
(Southern Continental Ranges)

The Livingstone Range is a sub-range of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada. It forms the eastern boundary of the Rockies in the south of the province. Its northern boundary is the Highwood River, and it extends to the Crowsnest Pass in the south. The Livingstone and Oldman Rivers bound it to the west.


The range was named after the explorer David Livingstone by Thomas Blakiston, an assistant of John Palliser, in 1858. When explorer Peter Fidler climbed Thunder Mountain in 1792, he became the first European to make a recorded ascent in the Canadian Rockies.[2]

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