Enkapune Ya Muto

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Enkapune Ya Muto
Enkapune Ya Muto
Enkapune Ya Muto
location in Kenya
Alternative nameTwilight Cave
LocationMau Escarpment of Kenya
Coordinates0°50′0″S 36°09′0″E / 0.83333°S 36.15000°E / -0.83333; 36.15000Coordinates: 0°50′0″S 36°09′0″E / 0.83333°S 36.15000°E / -0.83333; 36.15000

Enkapune Ya Muto, also known as Twilight Cave, is a Late Stone Age site on the Mau Escarpment of Kenya. Beads made of perforated ostrich egg shells found at the site have been dated to 40,000 years ago. The beads found at the site represent the early human use of personal ornaments.[1][2][3]


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