Frisco Independent School District

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Frisco Independent School District
5515 Ohio Drive
Frisco, Texas, US
District information
Type Public
Motto Our Mission Is To Know Every Student By Name And Need.
Established 1903[1]
Superintendent Mike Waldrip
Budget $471.4 million[2]
Students and staff
Students 55,851[2]
Teachers 3,540[2]
Staff 6,492[2]
Other information

Frisco Independent School District is a public school district based in Frisco, Texas, United States.

The district covers portions of the cities of Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, and Plano, as well as unincorporated land in Denton and Collin counties.

The district was originally formed in 1876 and known as the Farmers School District. Small schoolhouses served the rural population at that time. The community of Frisco began to emerge in 1902 and the school district was renamed.

The district is one of the fastest growing in Texas and the nation. In 1995, Frisco ISD had four schools. Since then, the district has added 64 new schools, opening two to six campuses annually. No public school district in the country grew faster from 1990–1991 to 2010–2011, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

The school district earned a "met standard" rating from the Texas Education Agency in 2016.[citation needed]

In October 2016, enrollment in Frisco ISD schools approached 56,000 students and is expected to continue to climb by about 3,000 students each year. Demographers project enrollment in Frisco ISD schools will grow to nearly 65,000 students by 2020.[citation needed]

School Leadership[edit]

  • Mike Waldrip - FISD Superintendent of Schools

Frisco ISD Board of Trustees

  • Anne McCausland - President
  • Bryan Dodson - Vice President
  • Debbie Gillespie - Secretary
  • Chad Rudy - Member
  • John Classe - Member
  • John Hoxie - Member
  • Steven Noskin - Member

The FISD Board of Trustees and the community are committed to small, personal learning environments. The mission of the Frisco Independent School District is to know every student by name and need.


Frisco ISD has 9 high schools, 16 middle schools, 40 elementary schools and 3 special programs centers.

High schools (grades 9–12)[edit]

Middle schools (grades 6–8)[edit]

  • Clark Middle School (Opened 2001)
  • Cobb Middle School (Opened 2010)
  • Fowler Middle School (Plano, opened 2007)
  • Griffin Middle School
  • Hunt Middle School (Opened 2010)
  • Lawler Middle School (opening delayed due to budget cuts - Planned 2018) [5]
  • Maus Middle School (Opened 2010)
  • Nelson Middle School (Opened 2016) [5]
  • Pearson Middle School (Opened 2015)
  • Pioneer Heritage Middle School (Opened 2002)
  • Roach Middle School (Opened 2005)
  • Scoggins Middle School (McKinney, opened 2008)
  • Stafford Middle School (Opened 2008)
  • Staley Middle School (Opened 1995)
  • Trent Middle School (Opened 2015)
  • Vandeventer Middle School (Opened 2012)
  • Wester Middle School (Opened 2002)

Elementary schools (grades K–5)[edit]

  • Allen Elementary School
  • Anderson Elementary School (Plano)
  • Ashley Elementary School
  • Bledsoe Elementary School
  • Boals Elementary School
  • Borchardt Elementary School (Plano, opened 2001)
  • Bright Elementary School
  • Carroll Elementary School
  • Christie Elementary School
  • Comstock Elementary School (McKinney)
  • Corbell Elementary School
  • Curtsinger Elementary School (Opened 1996)
  • Elliott Elementary School (McKinney)
  • Fisher Elementary School
  • Gunstream Elementary School
  • Hosp Elementary School
  • Isbell Elementary School
  • McSpedden Elementary School
  • Miller Elementary School (opened 2016)
  • Mooneyham Elementary School (McKinney)
  • Newman Elementary School
  • Nichols Elementary School
  • Norris Elementary School
  • Ogle Elementary School (McKinney)
  • Phillips Elementary School
  • Pink Elementary School
  • Purefoy Elementary School
  • Riddle Elementary School (Plano)
  • Robertson Elementary School (Little Elm)
  • Rogers Elementary School (Opened 1987)
  • Scott Elementary School (McKinney)
  • Sem Elementary School
  • Shawnee Trail Elementary School
  • Smith Elementary School (Opened 1997)
  • Sonntag Elementary School (McKinney)
  • Sparks Elementary School
  • Spears Elementary School
  • Tadlock Elementary School
  • Taylor Elementary School (Plano)
  • Vaughn Elementary School (opened 2016)

Special program centers[edit]

  • Career and Technology Education (CTE or CaTE) Center
  • Early Childhood School
  • Student Opportunity Center


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