HP LaserJet 1012

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HP LaserJet 1012, a low-end personal laser printer.

The HP LaserJet 1012 is a low-end, monochrome laser printer from Hewlett-Packard that retails for US $199.99 and was designed as an inexpensive laser alternative to Inkjet printers for home and small office use. It is capable of printing a maximum 15 pages per minute (although after many pages, the print speed slows down to prevent overheating, as the printer has no onboard fan) and has a 1200 dpi effective output (optical 600 dpi). It takes the HP 12A or compatible toner cartridge.

As of April 2006, this product is discontinued, and has been replaced with the LaserJet 1020. In looks, this product is similar to the LaserJet P1102 and P1102w.

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