Hazlet Regional Park

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Hazlet Regional Park
Regional park
Country Canada
Nearest Village Hazlet, Saskatchewan

Hazlet Regional Park is a recreation area located in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada. Within the park are campsites, play area, spray pool, a tennis court and golf course.


Country Singer Aaron Pritchett performed in the Hazlet Regional Park on June 30, 2012

In the dry years of the 1930s the need for a reliable water supply for the Hazlet district became apparent. On June 5, 1935 Peter Haukeness wrote a letter to the Department of Agriculture, Dominion of Canada asking for a grant to build an earthen dam west of Hazlet.[1] Work eventually commenced on June 2, 1937 with men, horses and scrapers. Work was completed in eleven days. It took the following hours of labour: 364 man hours with four horses at $0.70 an hour, 118 man hours with two horses at $0.50 an hour, 688 man hours at $0.26 an hour for a total cost of $400.20. This work created a small body of water known locally as "The Dam".

In the spring of 1960 a committee was formed to look into the idea of forming a regional park at the Hazlet Dam. Regional Park status was applied for and was received in the fall of 1960[1] making it one of the original Regional Parks in the province. The first trees were planted in 1961 with more plantings in the following years. The park soon had playground equipment, a cook house, benches, sun shades and a golf course. Hilltop Golfcourse is a nine-hole sand green course located on the east side of the lake. The remainder of the park amenities are located on the west side of the water. Over the years a tennis court, bonfire pits, electrified campsites and a beach volleyball court were added.

The Area[edit]

Hazlet Regional Park is located just west of Hazlet, Saskatchewan. The main feature of the park is a man-made lake which was created in 1937 by the construction of an earthern dam. On the west side of the lake is a campground, playground, tennis court, cookhouse and beach volleyball court. East of the water is Hilltop Golf Course, a nine-hole sand green course.

Village of Hazlet[edit]

The village of Hazlet is located in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada.

RM of Pittville[edit]

The park lies within the RM of Pittville.

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