Icaria Fossae

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Icaria Fossae
Icaria Fossae Graben.JPG
Icaria Fossae Graben, as seen by HiRISE. Click on image for a better view of Dust Devil Tracks.
Coordinates 46°24′S 123°48′W / 46.4°S 123.8°W / -46.4; -123.8Coordinates: 46°24′S 123°48′W / 46.4°S 123.8°W / -46.4; -123.8

Icaria Fossae is a trough in the Phaethontis quadrangle of Mars with its location centered at 46.4° south latitude and 123.8° west longitude. It is 280 km long and was named after an albedo feature at 44S, 130W.[1]