Janmabhoomi Express

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Janmabhoomi Express
Janmabhoomi EXP with WDM loco.jpg
Service type SuperFast
Locale Andhra Pradesh
Current operator(s) East Coast Railway
Start Secunderabad
Stops 17
End Visakhapatnam
Distance travelled 699 km (434 mi)
Average journey time 12 hours 30 minutes
Service frequency Daily
Train number(s) 12806 / 12805
On-board services
Class(es) 2nd Seating, AC Chair Car, General Class
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements No
Catering facilities On-board Catering
Operating speed 55 km/h (34 mph) average
Route map
Janmabhoomi Express Route map
Landscape view at Guntur from Janmabhoomi Express

The Janmabhoomi Express (12805 / 12806) is an InterCity service of Indian Railways that travels from Secunderabad to Visakhapatnam. It was first introduced between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada Jn. It was later extended up to Tenali and then the Nagarjuna Express(Secunderabad-Tenali-Secunderabad) was cancelled and thus made the Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad Janmabhoomi express via Tenali. It is an express service that travels in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The train travels at an average speed of 55 km/h and uses a WDM3A from Secunderabad to Vijayawada but then switches to a WDP4 or a WDM3A to Visakhapatnam. It is classified as a superfast train in the Indian Railways classification list.

Janmabhoomi has 24 coaches, of which 10 are unreserved and the rest for second class and 3 AC chair car. Daily one train will start at Visakhapatnam and one will start from Secunderabad station in Secunderabad train will start by 7:10 and it will reach Visakhapatnam by 19:40 and train from Visakapatnam will start by 6:15 and it will reach Secunderabad by 18:45


Janmabhoomi has 24 coaches, of which 8 are Unreserved General Coaches, 11 second class (2nd Seating) coaches, 3 AC Chair Car coaches along with 2 SLR coaches.


This is an day intercity express. It has only second seating and chair car which can be reserved. there is no pantry car for this train. This train passes through Nalgonda, Miryalaguda, Piduguralla, Sattenaplli, Guntur, Tenali, Vijayawada (where it switches engines if needed to. Longest stop: 15 minutes), Nuzvid,Elluru,Tadepalligudem, Rajahmundry,Samalkota, Annavaram, Tuni, Ankapalli, Duvvada.

Secundrabad start time 7.10 a.m. Visakhapatnam arrival 7.40 p.m. Train Reveres at Tenali.

Other lines[edit]

Janmabhoomi Express is a popular train to take but can be very busy. Alternatives include the Godavari Express and the Konark Express (which stops at Visakhapatnam, but usually follows the normal route of Konark which is Mumbai to Bhubaneswar). The Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam Duronto Express is also an option as is the Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad Garib Rath Express. Duronto is faster but does not have full accommodations; Garib Rath is slower but has full accommodations.

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