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Javanese Latin alphabet is Latin alphabet used for writing the Javanese language. Prior to the introduction of Latin alphabet, Javanese was written in Javanese script (hanacaraka) or Arabic-based Pegon alphabet.

The alphabet is generally the same as the Indonesian alphabet. There are six digraphs: dh, kh, ng, ny, sy, and th, and two letters with diacritics: é and è.


Letter Name Letter Name Letter Name
A a a J j S s ès
B b K k ka T t
C c L l èl U u u
D d M m èm V v
E e é N n èn W w
F f èf O o o X x èks
G g P p Y y
H h ha Q q ki Z z zèt
I i i R r èr

Relation with Javanese script[edit]

  • (h)a - ꦲ or ꦄ (A)
  • b(a) - ꦧ
  • c(a) - ꦕ
  • d(a) - ꦢ
  • dh(a) - ꦝ
  • é and è - ꦲꦺ or ꦌ (É/È)
  • (h)e - ꦲꦼ
  • f(a) - foreign letter ꦥ꦳
  • g(a) - ꦒ
  • h(a) - ꦲ
  • (h)i - ꦲꦶ or ꦆ (I)
  • j(a) - ꦗ
  • k(a) - ꦏ
  • l(a) - ꦭ
  • m(a) - ꦩ
  • n(a) - ꦤ
  • ny(a) - ꦚ
  • ng(a) - ꦔ
  • (h)o - ꦲꦺꦴ or ꦎ (O)
  • p(a) - ꦥ
  • q(a) - Sasak letter ꦐ
  • r(a) - ꦫ
  • s(a) - ꦱ
  • t(a) - ꦠ
  • th(a) - ꦛ
  • (h)u - ꦲꦸ or ꦈ (U)
  • v(a) - foreign letter ꦮ꦳
  • w(a) - ꦮ
  • x(a) - Approximated by ꦏ꧀ꦱ
  • y(a) - ꦪ
  • z(a) - foreign letter ꦗ꦳

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