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For the American judge, see Jerry Edwin Smith.

Jerry Elwood Smith, (April 8, 1950, Pomona, California – March 8, 2010 Kempton, Illinois) was an author, lecturer, poet, and editor. His published works include three books from Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP)[1] and, scores of non-fiction articles and reviews, plus more than a dozen ghost-written books. He was a close friend and literary partner of author Jim Keith. They worked together on magazines and books, and co-hosted a radio show broadcast from the campus of the Oregon Institute of Technology.

Jerry Smith died on March 10, 2010 in Kempton, Illinois, as a result of complications from pancreatic cancer.


Smith's first book from Adventures Unlimited Press (AUP) was HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy, which considered conspiracy theories connected to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). Published in 1998, the book focuses on two major points: the United Nations' Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques and mind control.[2] Smith's second book, published in 2005, was about the so-called Spear of Destiny, and focused on Nazi occultism and urban legends about a Nazi base in Antarctica.

His third book for AUP, published at the end of 2006, WEATHER WARFARE, covers the history of weather modification from the "Rain Makers" of the 1890s through the development of cloud seeding in the middle of the 20th century to today’s technology and ability to manipulate weather phenomena on a much larger scale. Addressed at length is the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques.[3]

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Published articles[edit]

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Written Email in Jerry's own Words Regarding HAARP Errors: IMPORTANT TO NOTE!!!

Your Email About HAARP Errors

Jerry E. Smith



Evernote Kenneth,

Sorry to take so long getting back to you. I only use my Lycos (MailCity) account for spam, so I only check it about once a month.

Mostly I agree with you. I really didn't want to write a "conspiracy theory" book, but that is what the publisher paid for. I really wanted to write a more 'green' book. As it is my book turned out to be a left-wing ecology book disguised as a right-wing conspiracy book. I would love to write a totally new book going more in the direction you indicated, but I haven't found a publisher interested in such yet.

At the end of your email you asked me a couple of technical questions. By now you must have figured out that I know almost nothing technical. I'm a writer. I have a keen interest in Tesla and the impact of his discoveries on our society, but really know squat about how any of it works. My interests has always lain in the soft sciences -- history and politics, mostly. I suspect you have noticed that I don't explain much of the technology behind HAARP, because I can't. I don't understand it. I simply say, "these experts say HAARP may be able to do this..." then I try to answer questions like, what would be the impact of a device that could do that, and who would want to use such a device, and why. My book is really about agendas, HAARP is just one possible tool for achieving various goals. So, I couldn't really rewrite my book to address the sorts of concerns you posed, as it would leave most of the existing book on the cutting room floor! I would be interested in your take on the technology. Maybe you can explain it to me!

You wrote: I understand however that the soldiers that are posted at this place have to maintain the equipment, so they have to periodically test it as well. I am confused though just a little, with regards to microwave antennae that you show versus the Tesla device. The Tesla device is the cause for ionization. Do the antennae do the same thing as the Tesla device with regards to emitting streams of plasma?

No soldiers, it's a civilian science project, the on-site staff composed mostly of teachers and students from the University of Alaska. It does get monthly tests, plus has been used overtly (and probably covertly) for a number of experiments. The HAARP official website is almost two years out of date, but does list a few of the experiments they have conducted.

What "microwave antennae that you show," which "Tesla device"? Can you site page numbers? HAARP is a grid of antennas, so linked together so as to fire as a single antenna. There are several photos of it in my book, such as the aerial photo on page 8 and a close up of the array on page 16. I know the publisher injected a number of Tesla images, such as repeatedly showing illustrations of Tesla's Wardencliff, but none of those are directly related to HAARP, at least not in a specific functional sense, though, perhaps there is a connection through lineage, if you will, with Tesla's work a possible foundation for HAARP technology. HAARP emits a radio frequency signal in the high frequency range, between 2.6 and 10 megahertz. It may be that I am too illiterate on this to know, but I don't think it emits any sort of "streams of plasma." Rather, it emits a radio frequency signal (which I suppose might produce a kind of plasma) which in turn excites the existing plasma in the irradiated region overhead, that is, in the ionosphere. But we have just ventured to the frontiers of my rather shaky understanding.

I do like your idea of going more into why the US got into Tesla technology. Unfortunately, I have little in the way of hard facts to answer that with. Like, was there really a "Philadelphia Experiment"? There is a lot of b.s. out there on this, and I don't know what's real and what ain't. Tom Bearden has addressed this issue, particularly from the Russian side, if you want to check out his website. You will find a link to it from my website's HAARP links page. In fact, I think a lot of your concerns are addressed by material on my site, or sites I link to. I have run a number of HAARP news stories in my newsletter over the years, and there too you will find some answers.

From my Press Kit:


Mr. Smith also maintains a popular website: There one will find information on HAARP and his book about it. The site features an archive of articles written by Mr. Smith on a wide variety of subjects. Also has a vast links library with links to other HAARP and Conspiracy related websites and government documents; plus extensive links to alternative news and information sources; on-line booksellers; reference websites with encyclopedias, dictionaries and the like; health and environmental websites; and sites of particular interest to activists, writers, and reporters. Also has additional biographical material on Jerry E. Smith including a hilarious chapter from his autobiography. And much more!

Also featured at is a breaking news story data base and an archive of all back issues of his free email newsletter, Over The Transom.


The focus of Jerry's email newsletter is on "bad science and worse government." He runs pieces on cutting edge technology, particularly invasive electronic and information technologies, as well as pieces on the accelerating slide of America into totalitarianism. He puts out issues on an irregular basis, usually about once or twice a month.

"Over the transom" is publishing lingo for an unsolicited manuscript. Back in the old days authors whose material had been rejected tried to get their work seen by the senior editors and publishers of major publishing houses by literally throwing their manuscripts through transom windows left open to their offices over-night. Most of what appears in his newsletter arrived to him over the virtual transom of unsolicited email. Some of this stuff is really amazing! Of course, it is sent out free to anyone who asks for it.

If you would like to sign up, click to and fill in the form. You will find

all back issues archived on his website at

So, drop in and visit my site, you might like it!

I found your description of Canadian government very revealing. It think it is the same way here. I am quite sure it is in the FBI. For several years the FBI has been nearly ripped apart by an internal war, one between the new generation of ill-informed agents who believe that they are there to protect The System, and the Old Guard who still believe in the Constitution, and protecting the Rights of the Citizens. Most of the Old Guard are gone and the corruption of the Justice System is just about absolute. Most of the US government believes that it is at war, and the American People are Enemy Number One. The primary purpose of the Justice Department is to cover for the crimes of the government, suppressing any attempt by the citizens to bring criminals in office (elected or appointed) to justice (unless it fits with the agenda of some higher ranking criminal).

Please drop into my website and see if it answers your questions. Then send me any more questions or comments you have.

Jerry E. Smith Author (775) 359-3374 Home (775) 338-0135 Cell

Special notes: Follow up to this email with the author was impossible, however, new information revealed that US DOD officially deactivated HAARP and issued official statements to such degree, unofficial reports of HAARP show that the device is capable of creating a focused plasma stream, uniquely powerful enough to destroy a small airplane carrying a US State Senator. Further evidence suggests that weather manipulation is just one function despite also being part of the NORAD communications deep sea system an such. Overall, VERY DANGEROUS TECHNOLOGY...SHOULD NEVER BE USED. Applications learned from this technology have been put into play by organizations seeking to control our minds and our beings. As a further foot note, despite Jerry's technical lack of real information, his work did provoke some fact checking. He was on the right track. Just not deep enough. For further information on this subject matter, Tom Bearden is a good start. Worth taking the time to investigate. Tom Bearden was on the right track as well. All who question that which is controlled by greater powers run the risk of being discredited by those that run and control the information. Jerry's true legacy is a path which he trail blazed as a testimony towards our critical thinking and understanding. Don't accept what he said in his books as fact, always go to the source to check the fact checker. This work, in its own right is a good starting point. But to simply accept the written testimony without the critical thought is almost as bad as accepting the idea that things like this aren't real. There are monsters out there hiding, the question is, can you shed the light on them enough to expose them and question them?