KBS Song Festival

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KBS Song Festival
Genre Music
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
Production company(s) Tongyang Broadcasting Company
Korean Broadcasting System
Original network Tongyang Broadcasting Company
Original release 1965 (1965) – present
External links
Website www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/enter/songfestival2016/

KBS Song Festival (HangulKBS 가요대축제; RRKBS Gayo Daechukje) is an annual end-of-the-year music show broadcast every December by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).


Park Bo-gum and Seolhyun, hosts of the 2016 KBS Song Festival

The program was first broadcast in 1965 by the Tongyang Broadcasting Company (TBC), where it was known as TBC Broadcast Music Awards (HangulTBC 방송가요대상). In 1981, the South Korean government merged TBC with Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

Following the merger, the program's name was changed to KBS Music Awards (HangulKBS 가요대상; RRKBS Gayo Daesang). It aired on KBS1 each year on 30 December until 1994, when the program moved to KBS2. Until 1986, there were separate awards for males and females, but in 1987 they were combined.

In 2005, the program's name was changed to KBS Song Festival (HangulKBS 가요대축제; RRKBS Gayo Daechukje).[1] Along with the name change, the format was also modified where individual artists received special awards. In 2009, another format change came about where viewers could select the top artists and their awards by way of public votes.


Girls' Generation at KBS Song Festival, 2015


Since 2009, KBS discontinued the award-giving format of the show in favor of a music festival structure.[3]

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