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Samavedi Boli Bhasha
सामवेदी बोली भाषा
Native to India
Region Maharashtra
Ethnicity Samvedi Brahmins & Kupari
Language codes
ISO 639-3 smv
Glottolog samv1238[1]

Kadodi (Devanagari:कादोडी बोली), or Samvedi Boli Bhasah (Devanagari:सामवेदी बोली भाषा), is the language spoken by the Samvedi Brahmins & Kupari community in Vasai, Maharashtra, India. It is also called Samvedic. It may be a divergent dialect of Konkani, with Marathi and Gujarati influence.

A typical phrase in English "Where are you going?" sounds same as when you read "Tu Kade Sallo?" .For "How are you?" Sound as "Tu koho ha?"

One of the famous phrases used in this dialect is "Tua bapa kaa jaate", meaning, "What difference does it make to you"?

You may find some similarities between Kadodi and Vadval Language spoken near Vasai.

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