Knottwood, Edmonton

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Knottwood is located in Edmonton
Location of Knottwood in Edmonton
Coordinates: 53°26′46″N 113°27′04″W / 53.446°N 113.451°W / 53.446; -113.451
Country  Canada
Province  Alberta
City Edmonton
Quadrant[1] NW
Ward[1] 11
Sector[2] Southeast
Area[3] Mill Woods
 • Administrative body Edmonton City Council
 • Councillor Kerry Diotte
Elevation 689 m (2,260 ft)

Knottwood is a community comprising three neighbourhoods within the southwest portion of Mill Woods in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Neighbourhoods within the community include Ekota, Menisa and Satoo.[5] The community is represented by the Knottwood Community League.[6]


Each neighbourhood has an elementary school operated by the Edmonton Public School System, that shares the name of the neighbourhood. For example, Ekota Elementary School is located in Ekota. The Edmonton Public School Board also operates a junior high school, Dan Knott Junior High School, and a nearby high school, J. Percy Page (which serves all of Mill Woods). The Edmonton Separate School System operates the St. Clement's Elementary-Junior High School, which provides instruction for both elementary school students and junior high school students, including an International Baccalaureate program.

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