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A woman in a leather skirt

A leather skirt is a skirt made of leather. Although durable material, the particular combination of style and material makes for a certain fashion statement. Leather skirts appear in a variety of lengths and styles.


Use varies with current trends in fashion, e.g. during the 80s and 90s they were a popular item on the catwalks with popularity dwindling in the early 2000s[citation needed].


A short leather skirt might be regarded as more sexy than an equivalent short skirt of other material, and thus as more suitable to a night out than as office wear. A long leather skirt might look professional and chic without looking too sexy for the office.[original research?]


Leather garments, including skirts, see use in heavy metal, goth and BDSM subcultures.


Like other skirts in western culture they are almost exclusively worn by women

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