List of active military aircraft of the Philippines

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The following is a list of active military aircraft of the Philippines.

Air Force[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
KAI FA-50 South Korea light multirole fighter / LIFT FA-50PH 12[1] Plans to buy another 12 aircraft.[2]
OV-10 Bronco United States light attack / surveillance OV-10A/M 8[3] some upgraded to OV-10M with four-bladed propellers[4]
A-29 Super Tucano Brazil COIN / attack 6 on order[5]
SIAI-Marchetti S.211 Italy light attack / jet trainer 3[3]
Fokker F27 Netherlands transport / VIP 1[3]
Fokker F28 Netherlands VIP 1[3]
CASA C-212 Spain transport 2 on order[6]
CASA C-295 Spain utility / transport 3[3]
GAF Nomad Australia transport 1[3]
Cessna 210 United States light utility 1[7] allocated for cloud seeding duty
C-130 Hercules United States transport C-130B/H/T 5[3] 2 aircraft are former USMC C-130T’s
Turbo Commander United States maritime patrol 1[3]
Cessna 208 Caravan United States ISTAR aircraft 208B Grand Caravan EX 2[8][9]
Bell 412 United States SAR / VIP 412EP 13
Bell 205 United States utility 205A 8 2 of which are Huey II standard[10]
Bell UH-1 United States utility UH-1H/D 53 of 21 UH-1D’s ordered only seven were delivered[11]
PZL W-3 Poland SAR / utility 7[3] operated by the 505th SAR Group.[12]
Sikorsky S-76 United States utility / SAR 10
Sikorsky UH-60 United States VIP S-70A-5 1[13][10]
MD 500 Defender United States armed scout MD 520N 16
Leonardo Helicopters AW109 Italy armed scout / utility 8[3]
Trainer Aircraft
Cessna T-41 United States trainer T-41D 14[14]
SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 Italy basic trainer 260TP[15] 19[3]
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Boeing Insitu ScanEagle United States UAS ScanEagle II 6[16] Consists of Six UAVs for each system, delivered from US Foreign Military Financing Program


Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Fixed-Wing Aircraft
Beechcraft Queen Air United States Utility aircraft Standard 3 In Service[17](s/n PA-701)
Cessna 421 United States Utility aircraft Cessna 421B 2 In Service [17]
Cessna 206 United States Utility aircraft Standard 2 In Service (s/n PA-072)[17]
Cessna 172 United States Utility aircraft Cessna 172M 2 In Service (s/n PA-101, PA-103)[17]
Cessna 150 United States Utility aircraft Cessna 150 1 In Service (s/n PA-501)[18]
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
DJI Phantom series China Miniature UAV Phantom 3 Professional
Phantom 4
unknown Commercial drones bought off-the-shelf by Philippine Army units.[19]
Raptor and Knight Falcon Philippines Miniature UAV 3[20] The first drone is known as Raptor and the second drone is known as Knight Falcon while a third drone is still being made.[20][21] The Raptor is smaller and has less endurance than the Knight Falcon.
Boeing Insitu ScanEagle United States Miniature UAV 27 United States transfer 6 ScanEagle UAVs to the Philippine also Philippine Receives 6 ScanEagle2's UAV From US and US set to Deliver 15 ScanEagle to Philippines on September or October -SND Lorenzana

Naval Air Group[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Fixed-wing Aircraft
Beechcraft King Air United States Maritime patrol aircraft TC-90 2 (+3) 3 more were to be delivered in March 2018
BN-2 Islander United Kingdom / Philippines Maritime patrol aircraft / Light transport aircraft BN-2A 6[22] more stored awaiting re-activation.license production
AgustaWestland AW159 United Kingdom Anti-Submarine Warfare AW159 0 (2) On order[23]
Leonardo Helicopters AW109 Italy Multi-purpose naval helicopter AW-109E Power 5 2 out of 5 choppers are armed with FN Herstal Rocket Machine Gun Pods (FN RMPs) on both sides.[24]
MBB Bo 105 Germany Utility helicopter Bo 105C 4[22] more stored awaiting re-activation
Robinson R22 United States Training helicopter R22 Beta II[25] 2[25]

Coast Guard[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Fixed-wing Aircraft
Britten-Norman Islander United Kingdom 2 Tail number: PCG–684, PCG-251
MBB Bo 105 Germany 1 1 of 2 grounded [26] PCG–163 (with hoist) - grounded; PCG-1636 in service

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