List of aircraft by date and usage category

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This is a list of aircraft by date and usage. The date shown is the introduction of the first model of a line but not the current model. For instance, while "the most popular" aircraft, such as Boeing 737 and 747 were introduced in 1960x, their recent models were revealed in the 21st century.[1]

Civil aircraft[edit]

Civil air transport[edit]

Civil air transport
1903–1919 1920–1939 1940–1969 1970–present

Civil – general aviation[edit]

Military aircraft[edit]



Reconnaissance, electronic warfare and Airborne Early Warning[edit]

Carrier-based aircraft[edit]

Air support/attack aircraft[edit]

Training aircraft[edit]


Military – transport
1920–1938 1939–1945 1946–1969 1970–present

Helicopters and Autogyros[edit]

Racing aircraft[edit]

Experimental aircraft[edit]

Seaplanes and Amphibians[edit]


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