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Malaysian Paralympiad
Paralimpiad Malaysia.jpg
First event 1982 Malaysian Paralympiad in Kuala Lumpur
Occur every Two years
Last event 2016 Malaysian Paralympiad in Sarawak
Purpose National multi-sport event for states in Malaysia for disabled athletes
Website Malaysian Paralympiad

Malaysian Paralympiad (Malay: Paralimpiad Malaysia), is a Malaysian biannual national multi-sport event held after every Sukma Games involving disabled athletes from Malaysian 13 member states and federal territory. Participants have a variety of disabilities, ranging from spastic, cerebral palsy, mobility disabilities, visual disabilities, amputated to intellectual disabilities. The Malaysian Paralympiad is regulated by the Malaysia Paralympic Council, State Sports council of respective member states, Ministry of Youth and Sports, national sports association of the sports competed at the games and National Sports Council of Malaysia and is traditionally hosted by the state where the Sukma Games took place.[1][2][3][4][5]


The games' history began as early as 1982 when the games were known as the National Games of Malaysia For the Disabled (Malay: Sukan Kebangsaan Bagi Orang Cacat Anggota Malaysia) and involved only 2 sports which are Athletics and Swimming.[6][7] In 1998, the games changed its name to its present name, the Malaysian Paralympiad (Malay: Paralimpiad Malaysia) when the games was held in Selangor.[8][9] Throughout the history of the games, ASEAN Countries were invited to participate at the 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996 and the 2000 games, while the Asian Countries were invited to participate at the 2002 games.[10][11]

In 2008, the Ministry of Youth and Sports had decided to host the games at the same venue as the Sukma Games begins 2010 onwards to change the Malaysian community's perception in general about the ability of disabled in sports and also in accordance with the practice of hosting disabled games after every able-bodied games at the same venue as the able-bodied games as in International tournaments such as the Paralympic Games and the ASEAN Para Games which were held after the Olympic Games and the Southeast Asian Games respectively.[12][13][14] In 2018, the Ministry of Youth and Sports had decided to rebrand Malaysian Paralympiad as the Sukma Para Games.[15]

Participating states[edit]


All-time medal table[edit]

2010 Malaysian Paralympiad to 2016 Malaysian Paralympiad

Malaysian Paralympiad all-time medal table
1 Sarawak (SAR)290281235806
2 Johor (JOH)17810290370
3 Terengganu (TER)1116568244
4 Federal Territory (WIL)86100115301
5 Sabah (SAB)766265203
6 Penang (PEN)747177222
7 Malacca (MEL)738773233
8 Selangor (SEL)697274215
9 Kedah (KED)545753164
10 Perlis (PER)503024104
11 Kelantan (KEL)474452143
12 Negeri Sembilan (NSE)424956147
13 Perak (PRK)395651146
14 Pahang (PAH)393539113
15 Labuan (LBN)8152447
Totals (15 states)1236112610963458


Host cities of the games through 2016
Edition Year Hosts Main Stadium Start Date End Date Sports Events Contingents Competitors Champion
XV 2010  Malacca Hang Jebat Stadium, Malacca 21 November 26 November 16 286 15 2343 Sarawak
XVI 2012  Pahang Sukpa Indoor Stadium, Kuantan 9 December 14 December 17 349 15 2537 Sarawak
XVII 2014  Perlis 2020 Hall, Kangar 21 August 25 August 9 275 15 1000 Sarawak
XVIII 2016  Sarawak Petra Jaya Unity Stadium, Kuching 6 August 10 August 9 326 15 1407 Sarawak
XIX 2018  Perak Future event
XX 2020  Johor Future event

List of the Malaysian Paralympiad' Sportsman and Sportswoman[edit]

Edition Year Games' Sportsman Games' Sportswoman
Name Contingent Sport Name Contingent Sport
XV 2010 Ziyad Zolkefli  Federal Territory Athletics Nur Suhana Ramlan  Johor Athletics
XVI 2012 Amir Firdaus Jamaluddin  Kedah Athletics Doriah Paulus  Sabah Athletics
XVII 2014 Yoong Chung Wei  Penang Swimming Umi Syuhadah  Perlis Athletics
XVIII 2016 Yoong Chung Wei  Penang Swimming Lim Carmen  Selangor Swimming

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