Mowag MR 8

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MOWAG MR8-01 Wotan
MOWAG Wotan at Military Museum Full
Place of origin Switzerland
Service history
Used by Germany
Production history
Designer MOWAG motor car factory Kreuzlingen
Manufacturer Bussing Henschel in Germany
Produced 1963
Number built approx. 700
Variants SW1 , SW2
Weight 8,500 kg (18,700 lb)
Crew 4: driver, commander +2 passengers in the rear area

depending on version = SW1 no, SW2 20mm automatic cannon, mortars
Engine V8 Chrysler 6 cylinder gasoline engine
161 kW
Transmission ZF transmission, 5 forward gears, 1 reverse
Suspension 4x4 wheeled
400 km (250 mi)
Speed 80 km/h (50 mph)on road,42 km/h (26 mph)off road.12 km/h (7 mph) water

The MOWAG MR8-01 (Wotan) is a armored personnel carriers.

History and Development[edit]

Equipped with 2-axle steering, the vehicle is able to drive a very small turning circle. The arrangement of the engine installed in the rear right is very special and allows the crew to leave the vehicle at the side and rear. Named as special car (SW1 and SW2) was the WOTAN from 1963 on introduced by the Bundesgrenzschutz (West German bordar guard. later Bundespolizei). They were built by Bussing Henschel in Germany, in approximately 700 pieces. The SW 1 was referred too as Special Car 1. It have no own armament. The Special Car 2 was similar to the special SW1, however, had a turret with armament: 20 mm automatic cannon or a machine gun MG 1/2 of SW 2b. There are other options such as a mortar vehicles which was built but found no buyers. Built as a prototype the Wotan who was tested by the Federal Border Guard (BGS) is now in the Military Museum Full.[1][2]


  • MR 8 "SW1": initially known as Kfz91. Armoured personnel carrier model.
  • MR 8 "SW2": initially known as the Kfz91. As described.
    • MR 8-09: equipped with a 20mm autocannon, with four smoke discharges on either side of the turret. Similar to the SW2.
    • MR 8-20: unguided rocket and ATGM variant, with provision for twin 8 cm missile launchers.
    • MR 8-23: heavy fire support and tank hunter vehicle with 90mm medium-pressure gun.
    • MR 9-32: 120mm mortar carrier.



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